Saturday, January 21, 2012

More About The Textiles Involved In African American Dress

Creativity is the byword of African dress styles and they have a major influence over African American dress patterns. This can be clearly seen at Most of the fabrics with which these dresses are made are hand made products which is why you will find a uniqueness in each of the African American dress. They undergo a great deal of processing before they are made into clothes. The processing for African American dress is also done by hand. First they are hand-woven into strips of clothing; most of the time these strips will be white. Then the fabric will be dyed and soaked in a different solution which will change its color. The solution is mainly juice from trees and plants.  Once the cloth is given its colors, dyes are imprinted on it; the colors they use for the dyes are also perfectly natural. For example, if you are looking for an African American dress made from mud cloth, you can see that the mud is taken from the deepest portions in a pond. The mud is then left for fermentation for about a year. Once the fermentation period is over, the mud, which will be black by then will used for designing fabrics.

You will see that there are three main fabrics from which African dresses are made. They are adinkra, adire and kente. Usually, the designers make use of one of these fabrics to create an African American dress. Adinkra is a kind of printed cloth made by a particular tribe that lives in Ghana. If you are looking for a bright and vivid African American dress, then adinkra is the best choice. Adire is much more easily available in Africa, and the best adire is obtained from Nigeria. Meanwhile, if you want an authentic kente fabric for your African American dress, then you must check whether the fabric came from Ghana or Togo.

If you are looking for a good African American dress, then go for one of the above mentioned fabrics. It will add durability and credibility to the African American dress that you buy.

Not only that, an African American dress will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can wear an African American dress to parties, shopping, holidays and casual events. The African dress styles at have interesting choices; you will find a new pattern each time you go shopping. And you get original material at this store. 


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