Friday, August 5, 2011

The Traditional African Fashion

We have to admit after seeing the reality that many designers around the world have been influenced by the existence of African fashion. As we can see the African fashion has its own uniqueness. But have you ever thought , what traditional afican fashion looks like? Nahh.. Let’s discuss about this .

African Fashion for Men
The traditional African fashion for men usually rich in texture and filled with rich needlework. The traditional African fashion for men , there are typically 3 or 4 piece of outfits which including the traditional hat, long sleeved shirt, pants and a traditional Agbada (bubu) which can be worn over the shirt. All of the pieces have heavy matching needlework. The outfit is typically worn for special event such as marriage, anniversary, etc.

African Fashion for women                                 
The African fashion for women tends to be different from each region. Kaftans, blouse and pants or skirts, dashiki, etc are the common wears of African women. For the special events, afican women usually choose the embroidered African clothes. The casual African clothes tends to be light such as cotton and may be tie- dyed. African women usually likes to wear vary vibrant colors and prints dress for their fashion.
For women and women , the color of their fashion ranges from light, subtle colors to loud and bright colors.


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