Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Different Look of African Clothing

People usually look and give their assessment to the African clothes as common fashion. Actually people need to know if the African fashion is full of cultural importance which not realized by people. Have you ever seen the cloth that African clothes are made of?  The fabric which generally used in African clothes is brightly colored and also made from wearable art. Start from the patterns and the colors vary from some regions with the different way on spinning the thread and  weaving the fabric.
Well, let’s move the main subject we want to talk, it is the African Clothing. There are many kinds of fabrics which are used to make traditional African clothing. They usually include Aso oke fabric or Adire fabric both of them are made from Yaruba. Aso oke is the fabric and the Adire means a tie dye process which is used to make a patterns on cloth with wave. There are some other typesof African textiles such as Kente cloth that is made by Akan ethnic group, Barkcloth, Kanga, Mudcloth, and Kitenge.
The African clothes or dresses are usually loose fitting and very comfortable. Every region has their own outfit. In some areas on Afric, a long dress may be worn by women and also men. You might think if that’s an extraordinary way ofclothing, but that is what African wear for their fashion. Tha various kinds of clothing were influenced by the cultures from other countries which surround the area where a piece of clothing comes from.
If you want to dress up yourself with the African fashion, you can purchase the item freely. Maybe the flowing shirt, a pair of pants which are combined with the robe and a hat will be your choices to change your fashion style.


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