Monday, April 4, 2011

Beauty and Fashion under Pressure

Are you running from end to end trying to keep up with yourself in the middle of all the frenzy?  Or do you have a really stressful job keeping you off your levelheadedness? How do you manage to keep your composure under extreme pressure? How do you pull yourself together after a fashion faux pas?  Are you often stressed out at a slightest degree of criticism?  These are just some of the questions that I want to ponder on as I try to elevate myself to a new level of maturity wherein I can step up with an air of confidence no matter how crucial or frantic the circumstance might be.

Maintaining a cool and calm aura amidst all the chaos around us can be difficult, that’s why, based on experience, poise and beauty to go about it is acquired and practiced over time.  I mentioned my so called maturity right?  Yes, attaining that tranquil state while everyone is tormented is a good sign of maturity.  It doesn’t happen overnight but we can sure do start to practice now.  For starters, I can spell out a few tested techniques.
  • Staying beautiful and fashionable everyday is a “conscious decision”.  So no matter how long your day might be or no matter how tomorrow worries you, each new day you wake up, you do your best to keep your hair in a secure up do or half-do and a touch of optimistic make-up.   I’m not telling you everything would go easily, but I know that caring for oneself is one sure way to go.
  • Take a deep breath and relax your nerves before you face the world.  “Choose” to be calm and composed.
  • “Keep it easy” with your wardrobe. Don on your most comfortable and favorite outfit suiting for work or the occasion.  This way you don’t need to stress yourself even more planning what to wear.
  • Always prepare the “quick fixes” – meaning vibrant lip gloss, elegant scarves and a pretty pair of shades must come in handy.  This will keep up with your outfit as you run around and go about your day.
  • Invest on a few pieces of “timeless” jewelry and handbag.  These are the pieces that can keep you pulled together no matter how casual you are wearing.  Hey, I’m not telling you to splurge. Think about it. 
These are just a few tips to stay beautiful and fashionable even through the craziest of days. Learn more about beauty and fashion from African FashionsFacebook and Twitter.

Did you experience extreme pressure all the while needing beauty and fashion to stand by you through the day?  So what did you do? How did you cope up with it?  I would be happy to hear from you… You’re thoughts would surely mean a lot to our sistahs out there… reach out and post your suggestions or ideas or what have you.


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