Sunday, April 17, 2011

Be Bold, Black and Beautiful

“It had always been my personal advocacy that all women possess natural beauty – inside and out.  It was a long and arduous journey for me, and it is with great passion that I walk a beautiful life now.”

Like you, I grew up being the ordinary girl in the neighborhood.  I went through the awkward stages of bad skin clad with zits, dull kinky hair, and a crazy set of uneven and protruding teeth.    Of course there is obviously nothing wrong with being ordinary, but I had this silly thought that I had to get the validation from someone else.  And mind you, I had the strangest feeling of wanting to be someone else.  After years of learning the tricks and trades to be beautiful, after every roadblocks of countless trials and errors - - I managed to be get through it alive!  All I ever needed was a dose of inspiration, and I need not look far and wide, I had it right before me, I wanted to make a difference and make my Momma proud… that was the most powerful passion that has led me to a beautiful life and a beautiful me.

Decide and make the conscious decision to live your life with conviction and grace.  Strive to create a world of balance to fuel your life for the long and exciting journey ahead - on self discovery and self expression.  Live each day to pursue your dreams and discover the things that matters most.  Yes, I wanted to be beautiful and I want people around me to gravitate from that happiness.  I was inspired, I was glowing inside and my life was full.

Of course, I still love dresses, and I love everything about fashion.   I never forego my beauty regimen towards beautiful skin and healthier lifestyle.  And I still have bad habits and careless mistakes.
I still have occasional bout of insecurities (trust me that’s normal!), but that never get in the way to overpower what’s already there – the passion and inspiration to stay beautiful inside out.

Now sistahs, it’s your turn. What was your bold, black and beautiful story?  I am happy to invite you to join me and take part in my advocacy.


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