Sunday, December 25, 2011

Heat Up Passion With Winter Dresses

African fashion is going great guns these days. What with new, flamboyant designs and classic styles? There is something for everyone. Winter is round the corner and so now it is the time to take stock of what is in your wardrobe, what is not. If you haven’t bought any African winter dresses then you are seriously missing something. You cannot even say your wardrobe is complete. With world wide recognition and public approval for their styles, African winter dresses have become a part of everyone’s wardrobe. So if you still haven’t gotten a dress, then it is time you shopped for one.

When you are thinking of buying winter dresses you can easily shop for them online. is a good place to start shopping for some stunning winter dresses. You will surely fall in love with the styles they have there. Their collection is absolute and ultimate. All the designs have been created with you in mind, so you can never go wrong with a choice. All you have to do is get your measurements right. The details of each dress will be given alongside each dress, so by checking that you will know whether it will suit you or not.

These trendy winter dresses are quite easy to wear and they will keep you warm. You will be pretty comfortable in these winter dresses that you will enjoy wearing all other African fabrics too. The enchanting blend of traditional designs with modern cuts will certainly keep you breathless. Most of the winter dresses are dyed by hand and that makes it all the more special. The warm coats, hats, coats and scarves – you can have quite a collection in winter dresses. There are winter dresses for everyone in the family. Kids will look absolutely adorable in these cute winter dresses. They will love it too because unlike other fabrics, African dresses are not uncomfortable. Some designers use bamboo to make clothing; it will keep you cool during summer days and warm during winter. You can also wear some silk clothes during winter. It will keep you warm, light, soft and feel extremely good to the body. And it’s quite affordable too. These dresses will make you feel really special when you are wearing it to a party. You will surely make several heads turn. Clothing made with African fashion will pump confidence into you. It doesn’t even matter if you are a bit heavy or plump looking. You will find just the right kind.
Monday, December 19, 2011

An African Touch In Women’s dresses

The world is still getting into grips with African fashion and many native designers are coming forward with interesting and awesome designs that promote their culture and country. You can buy a few women’s dresses and make yourself dazzling during each party. These women’s dresses are really going to earn you some cat calls and compliments from male admirers.

People plan on different themes to make their wedding memorable. You could go for an African theme. There are special outfits that will suit the style of both men and women. You can go for that traditional look in the women's dresses section. They have some great selections in the men’s style too. Enough to make you heady with joy. The prices for women’s dresses are just right too; you are paying a small amount for what could turn out to be the bride’s attire for the year.

Here are a couple of women’s dresses that you might try out – This traditional print sundress has a beautiful blend of both contemporary African style and the antique style. To view the dress in its full glory visit . It is crafted intelligently and made with you in mind. So don’t let it pass.

Have a look at the elegantly crafted three piece dress that will make several heads turn. When you wear it to your next party you will surely mark your entrance. Visit it at

There are other dresses, like the kaftan and it will make you look absolutely stunning. These free flowing kaftans are simply the best in women’s dresses because they make you look absolutely ravishing and feminine. Kaftans are highly popular in the women’s dresses section. A kaftan will be particularly comfortable if you are living in a hot country. The printed kaftans in the women’s dresses are made of 35% rayon and 65% cotton. Each of the women’s dresses are designed in such a way that they will bring out the best in your figure. If you are a bit on the heavy side, these dresses will hide them. The free flowing kaftans will make you look unique because they are all intricately designed and manufactured.

The Africans make use of natural products in their clothes dyes for women’s dresses. Hence they are good for the skin. Here are the some of common fabrics used for women’s dresses -  African brocade fabric, mudcloth, George fabric and African Cuban cloth.

Worrying of your plus size? Solution simplified

If you are plus size, you very well know that finding on-trend work dress can be a struggle. But here comes the good news, due to the African demand of plus size dresses, the fashion lovers and style have now been taken care of, for all women.

Generally, in Africa, fashion stores and shops will consider women above size 16 as a plus size. Every woman is different in her own ways; from height to curving of various parts, there has never, and will never be a clothing item that will suit all women.

The way your clothes fits you is very important. The brand director of Ann Harvey said that one should look for clothes that shapes and contours ones body. She added that avoiding oversized tunics and smocks which will swamp you is necessary.

Every African woman should aim to dress for her shape and not size, and ensure that they go for quality fabrics that will ensure that you are confident and comfortable. Never be afraid to embrace trends and try to be picky about how well the plus size dresses are. Evans, head of designs put it that the key is in fit of the garment, with the fabric being more fluid and flattering as well, with some alterations being made on structured garments. If you have broad hips, go for such details on the retail fashion shops, such as wide lapels and then choose narrow shape on bottom half. For the sake of rounder tummies, go for the tailored pieces. To give you more shape, look for lower necklines.

Choice depends on you - Plus Size Dresses

Verdict conducted a recent survey which showed that plus size clothing is mostly determined by those wearing, under influence of family and friends. Looking for well known fashion shops will increased your chances of getting help on how to shop and wear plus size dresses for best fashion and comfort.

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