Monday, August 20, 2012

Music artist Mya in the design for an African clothing brand

Mya, an American music artist, is set to design pieces for the next African brand Kosghie O collections as part of “Koshie O Woman” campaign.  The campaign is an initiative which celebrates a strong, self-assured and bold woman who is capable of juggling various daily activities while maintaining her fashion and being stylish. Mya is a Koshie O lady and will be co-designing the name pieces for the spring/Sumer 2013 collection in support of this campaign.

According to Nina Baksmaty, founder and director of Koshie O, ‘everyone in the team is excited to work with Mya. We love her talent and her fashion. It's our belief that Koshie O and mya will give a storm magic together’.

Samples of the pieces will be made available for buyers this month and will be available for buyers in spring next year. Mya is expected to donate 5% of the sales from her collection to Mercy corps, a global humanitarian agency.

This will mark the first Koshie O collection where its prints will be applied on fabrics. The Koshie O woman campaign is allowing women who embody that the brand stands for to co-design few pieces for Koshie O 2013 spring/summer collection. Fans of Koshie O will follow the progress of events in the design process of the celebrities through social media outlets before the pieces are made available for sale come 2013.

The brand has become the new flag bearer for the new concept in luxury which teams the urban aesthetics with refined African craftsmanship in absolutely a contemporary project. The designer has a focus on premium fabrics that are selected, processed and hand sewn by Ghanaian dressmakers and artisans. A distinctive way of mixing style and culture references the represents African fashion and a step higher.


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