Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tips to Beautiful & Healthy Nails

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often neglect the state of our nails.  While we are all dressed up for an important occasion, to our utter dismay, our nails are not in the condition that we can be proud of. The dress looks fabulous, hair perfect, make-up flattering, and then we realize that both our toe nails and finger nails are not all glam up for the occasion.  Okay, so we can hide our toe nails by wearing close shoes, but what about the hand nails? Of course, it's crazy to wear gloves to a party!

Even if we have to do a hundred things with our hands, a moment of simply checking our nails wouldn’t hurt right?  So here are a few tips to ensure that we can maintain beautiful nails and say goodbye to dry, brittle, and weak nails.
  • For dry nails, a tad amount of petroleum jelly works wonders on the cuticles and skin around them.  If petroleum jelly is not to your liking, try castor oil or olive oil.  It helps if you do this every night before heading for bed.  This can also make your hand softer and healthier.
  • If you have to do gardening or washing of dishes, protect your nails by wearing gloves.  It does not only protect your nails from dirt and harsh cleaners, it maintains the softness of your hands.
  • To prevent fungal infection on the foot and avoid damaging the nails, make sure your foot is dry before wearing shoes. As much as possible, wear pure cotton socks as it is best in absorbing dampness and sweat.
  • Polished nails are pleasing to the eyes. Clear coats and nail colors protect the nails and make it stronger.  However, do not be lazy to remove the color if it is already flaking off.  It is disturbing to see nails that are untidy and messy.
  • A touch of color always looks good on the nails, so try to apply fresh top coat every day.  This way, you are always ready to go anywhere even with short notice.  Depending on the occasion, just make sure that the colors are not too striking to make the wrong impression.
  • In removing polish, use acetate-based removers. Avoid using color removers with acetone or formaldehyde 
  • as they dry the nails tremendously.

Take care of your nails and you're in for a big surprise. Clean, healthy and beautiful nails can always enhance your over-all appearance.  
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is an African Brocade?

The African Brocade is a special kind of fabric with raised pattern that is usually made of colored silks.  It is a luxurious type of fabric with exquisite designs and elaborate details which are intricately shuttle-woven for a shiny and starchy effect.  Some designs can be uniquely subtle and some may feature a wide array of floral patterns, plants or other aesthetic elements.

Typically, brocades are made by a draw loom using a combined standard weft and supplemental weft in the weaving process.  The dual weft technique gives out a weave that looks embroidered on like a raised design.  This technique can also furnish an ideal degree of stiffness to the fabric creating a material that is thicker and sturdier.  The decorative brocading is normally produced by the supplemental weft technique that shapes out the design on top of the main fabric, also giving in a tightening impact to the entire cloth.

African Brocades are also called Basin or Bazin fabrics and is widely popular in West Africa.  It displays the beautiful and vibrant features of the African culture.  It is frequently woven with numerous types of silks that are accentuated with metallic threads to add texture and interesting effect.  Brocade is a fabric for special occasions and a wonderful ensemble for a traditional African wedding or formal event.  This Brocade Pleated Skirt Set below is the perfect number you can wear for an all out African glamor.

Aside from the traditional African way the brocade has been used, it has come to evolved and used by many fashion designers.  With the quality and design of each fabric, it can generate a myriad of creations and inspirations that can surely look stunning for everyone – black or white.  The evolution of the African textile has surely prevailed in the fashion industry in so many ways.  Hopefully soon, we can see many of our African – American celebrities out there rock this fabulous fabric.  For a varied touch on the brocade fabric, check how these famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and Kristen Stewart looked so marvelous in richly colored brocade ensembles.  If they can look fabulous in this classy fabric, so can you!

Do you have a brocade dress hidden somewhere? It’s about time you shine with them with a proper way of mix and match.
Sunday, May 22, 2011

The African Fashion Day: August 6, 2011

“African Fashion Day is a day to encourage us to wear African attire and to inspire us to be more involved in African attire a step more than we already are. It is a day to let us believe that our talent limited by regional boundaries, and that we should be comfortable with sharing our beautiful talents with the foreign world and encourage them to wear Africa as well as introducing them to embrace African fashion more. Stand proud in your African garms when you go shopping, on a date, to a meeting or to a club or party event.”Shireen Benjamin, the International Beauty Queen of West Africa

While the splendid growth of the African music has dominated the music industry worldwide, Shireen has noted that it was appalling to see on national media that despite this conferring glory of African talent, rarely can we see the artist neither wearing the African attire nor promoting any African designers.  In her heartwarming words, it is downright true that “African fashion from all regions of Africa is beautiful and we can’t wait for the people and media abroad to appreciate it before we become more confident with wearing it.”

A day to celebrate the remarkable fashion and style of Africa is about to come on August 6, 2011.  So mark your calendars now and join the heritage rocking experience. It is aimed to celebrate every first Saturday of August as the African Fashion Day.  I have high respects for Shireen Benjamin who is the advocate for this movement and dedicate her time in the support of the African Fashion all over the globe.  Kudos to her and the glorious efforts of the Miss West Africa event organizers!

Universal exploration and expression of the many facets of the African fashion will be heightened on this day.  It is the moment to expose the myriad of interesting styles, colors, and textiles of the African continent for the Africans and the friends of Africa alike.  Isn’t it just wonderful that someone has stepped up and launches this movement for a beautiful cause?

Be part of the answer, strike a difference, and make a statement.  To know more and to support the cause of the African Fashion Day, follow this link.
Saturday, May 21, 2011

Part 3: Beat the Summer Heat

When it’s Too Hot to Wear Make-up

Summer is usually way too hot for your usual make-up, so the key to achieving the best look this season is to lighten up.  Getting away for a while from your usual routine can be easily done when you opt for the more natural bare-bone routine. To complement your favorite summer dress,  it’s all about playing up with little make up as much as possible and still holding up that fabulous look longer while beating the heat on your face, cheeks, eyes, and lips.   

Let’s start with the face
It is always best to keep your face always moisturized most especially in the hot months.  A properly moisturized face can bring out a smooth finish and keeps the base longer even with little amount.   Foundations gets heavy as the temperature rises, but if you must wear foundation, go for the mineral-based sheers that can easily build good coverage.  The ultimate idea for a cooler face against the heat is to go bare or go for tinted moisturizer that can also achieve the same coverage as the foundation.  And if you intend to go around under the sun, a good sunscreen must come in handy.

Glow with the sun
If you want to maintain a good glow that lasts long, go for the liquid blush or cream bronzers that are easily absorbed on the skin since powder may not go well with sweats.  Use your fingertips to apply a subtle blush and tap onto the apples of your cheeks.

Go easy on the eyes
For a defined look that is not overdone and heavy, choose mascara that does magic on lengthening and curling the lashes instead of thickening it.  Go for the lighter and neutral shades for the eye shadows.  If you want to play with colors, go easy on them.  See how Beyonce did it.
Subtle hues
On your lips, choose sheer lip tints with moisturizers as well as SPF to get away with cracked and dry lips.  If you already have chapped lips, hide it with a primer and lipsticks with cherry and pink tones.

In a final note to a beautiful look any season, always keep your skin healthy, clear and glowing.  Nothing beats natural beauty! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Part 2: Beat the Summer Heat

Cool Hairstyles for the Hot Weather

In order to beat the raging heat, we must think of better ways in order to keep our hair from being nasty and ruin our mood.  Here are the coolest trends for this year's amazing summer:

Pixie Cut 

This is the cut that is very short and easily manageable with a twist of exceptional femininity.  It features very short hair at the back and longer locks at the front and top.  It can emphasize your facial assets and make you look sharp as well as sexy down your nape and neck.  Check out how Rihanna carried out this chic short hairstyle to perfection.  She has longer layers forming the face and razored around the ears and neck.  The layered bangs look fabulous which adds a bit of drama to this bold look.  If you feel good about the shape of your face, then this is the best haircut to suit your style.

Waved Bob Cut

Ideal for summer and best worn below the jaw, this is the style that goes well in any face shape.  The waved cut has emerged to be the favorite this season.  For a more versatile way of pulling off a bob, see how Keri Hilson's angled layers gives the waved bob cut a flattering appeal.

 Bob Cut with Bangs

Look younger and more vibrant in another bob style that is also pretty for summer- the bob cut with long bangs and fringes.  Check out how the bangs energized Naomi Campbell's look.

 Casual Updo

If you don’t intend to cut your hair this summer, then this is the tried and tested way of styling different types of hair, texture, and color this summer.  This is the style to keep your super kinky or super straight hair away from your neck and shoulders while under the heat.  Casual updos can be done easily by tying your hair up in a stylish manner. This never goes out of fashion no matter what the occasion is.   See how Halle Berry looks so nice in a classic chignon.


Ponytails are not only an easy and low maintenance hair style; it can also look fabulous if you give it a little upgrade.  Try to capture the same style as Thandie Newton so you can look as stunning as ever.

Before you go all out with these styles for summer, make sure you keep your hair generously moisturized and healthy as much as possible since the rise in temperature would dry up the African-American hair easily.  Love your hair and it will love you back. Happy styling!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beat the Summer Heat

How to Dress in the Hot Weather

In the months where the days are longest and the nights are shortest, there’s no better time to dress up and enjoy the outdoors than summer.   So let’s do a heads start and shift our focus to the amazing days ahead.  Here are a few tips on how to stay cool, have fun, and look as hot as ever to celebrate the best of summer.

Stylish and Comfortable Basics
Cotton and silk are the greatest fabrics for the hot summer months.  As much as possible, try to stay clear from synthetic fabrics and stick to something made of natural fibers.  Of course, never compromise style by adding a few pops of accessories to your comfy basics.  You can either add an exotic and elaborate necklace or an embellished belt to complete the look.

Whites and Colors
White will always be the coolest color to beat the heat.  It reflects the light while staying crisp and fabulous.   Summer is also the best excuse to wear some of your favorite vibrant colors.  If you have been meaning to wear that bright yellow top, it is the best time to wear that.  You can never go wrong with the mix and match of colors, whites, and neutrals at this time of the year.

Show Some Skin
The key to showing some skin is balance.  Never ever reveal too much just because of the very hot weather.  With this, I mean you cannot parade around showing off your stomach, cleavage or even your entire back.  If you want to show off your legs, strike a balance with the top. I guess you know by now what I mean.

Play up with Tops
Look stunning in tops which are not too tight and clingy but not too loose and sloppy.  You can be dressier in thin knit tops in cotton or silk rather than T-shirts, just take note that they are pristine and crisply pressed.  If you opt for sleeveless tops, make sure it is the perfect fit and not leaving plenty of room around the armholes.

Skirt it Up
Isn’t it just cool and feminine to skirt up?  I always find it romantic when the breeze catches the hems gracefully and lifts the skirt up a little… Think about it…

There’s more to summer fashion… watch out for my next feature on the summer hair and make-up…
Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Mother’s Love is Beyond Fashion

I know this blog comes a week late… but I just couldn’t let this pass by not giving a tribute to all the mothers out there.  A mother’s love is beyond fashion, not a fad, not trendy, and never fleeting.  It is priceless, unconditional and forever.  It is a love that is willing to sacrifice everything just to make us feel safe, secure, and loved.
Do you remember the sleepless nights when you were sick and she never ever left your side? Do you remember how very early she wakes up every day to cook your breakfast and send you to school? Do you remember who bought your first memories of precious toys and clothes? Do you remember how she cried beside you with your every heartache?  Do you know that she gave up her career and lifestyle to give you the best upbringing? Do you know that her weakness and strength is you?  Yes, you are her most precious gift, the reason for living and joy forever.

For years, probably until high school, mom’s make all the choices for us. Remember how she always choose your clothes – what to wear everyday and what to wear in every occasion? Then you came to a point when you were scared of her choices.  We may have differences in our choices of clothes and accessories, but moms are moms, she’s only thinking of what’s best for us.  Generation gap always has its ways sometimes, but hey, you can always talk to her. Remember, she loves you more than any fashion in the world! And no matter how many times we disappoint her, how much we make her worry for us, no matter how much we take her for granted, she is there, to listen to us, cry with us, and make us feel her most treasured reality.  It is a love that you could never fathom until you will become a mother yourself.

Have you shown your mothers how much you love her today? It doesn't have to be mother's day so you can show how much she means to you. She may be right beside you now, a doorstep away or a phone call away, what matters most is that you show you care. Your smile, your voice, is enough to make her feel special.

 I love you mom and I could never thank you enough for all the years of unconditional love.

Celebrities in African Fashion

Do you know that African fashion is not only for African women?  To prove my point, see how these celebrities have flaunted their dashiki and caftans in an ultra fashionable way.  Thanks to the efforts of the many African designers and non-African designers alike who have dominated the fashion scene inspired by the unique and comfortable features of the traditional African fashion.  And thanks to these stars who have showcased these wardrobes and influenced many of their iconic fashion.

Check out how Mary - Kate Olsen rocked a dashiki, isn’t she just adorable?  The studded belt and high heels makes the traditional dashiki cut looks even more structured and stunning.  Comfortable, elegant, breezy, and super feminine – this is a look that can surely make you a star in your own right.  So what are you waiting for?  Try to replicate this get-up in fabulous ways. I just know where to look for the right dashiki perfect for the coming summer season where you can flaunt with exceptional vibrancy… Start by searching African Fashions online…

Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe below are both really lovely in a long flowing and shimmering caftan numbers.  The floral prints, the vibrant tones, and the amazing cut are without a doubt effortlessly sophisticated.  These caftans are beautifully crafted enhancing the beautiful features of these ladies.  Do you want go get their look?  Check out the many caftan choices online.  You will be surprised at how elegant and charming these pieces are.

For Africans all over the world, it is flattering to see our very own traditional fashion donned by some celebrities.  Yes, it is a great honor when people appreciate the wonderful features of African fashion. And I would be even more ecstatic if the celebrities wearing them are those of African origin, proud of their heritage and flaunting their culture.   I hope next time when I check the internet and look for Tyra Banks or Halle Berry, I can see them wearing something truly of African inspiration. I may have missed them wearing African fashion, but if you did catch them, please oh please do tell me…
Friday, May 13, 2011

Print Overload that Works!

I found this picture online at Optimum Media and I am really amazed at how these ladies rocked the vibrant African prints – a classic print overload that works!  It was a feature on African Fashion designs and how these garments can be availed online. I find it really impressive as it is very difficult to pull off different prints all at the same time. But look at them have fun with all these prints! And have your noticed the shoes and the accessories? Wow! It is an ambitious parade of colors, prints, and patterns.  Being a savvy on arts and prints, this is one image that is utterly a captivating African Fashion – a get-up that is perfect for the breezy months of spring and the balmy weather of summer where you can stand out and rock the prints.  African prints can come in different designs ranging from wax prints, kente prints, gold prints, and the list goes on. The ladies in the picture are using the African wax print fabrics, so I want to delve more on that. 

Historically, African wax printed fabrics can be traced back to the batik wax-resist textiles from Indonesia in the 1800’s and it evolved throughout Africa mainly by the Dutch traders.  With its uniqueness and versatility, it has captured the African interest since it is a fabric that is suitable for the African weather and culture. Through time African prints has emerged to be of refined quality with may customizations and has since then reflected the true African heritage and traditions. These prints represent many events and stories as well as reflecting the beautiful facets of Africa like their landscapes, flora, and fauna.  These fabrics are widely found and created in Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria.

Most African wax printed cloth is made by using a mechanical resist called batik during the cloth dying process.   The prints are created by printing the patterns in wax on the cloth and before dyeing the fabric.  The wax is spread and broken off by the machine.  Varying patterns may require the fabric to be printed many times over until the desired design is attained.

Remember, these prints might look good on the ladies above, but you have to be careful in the mix and match of colors and patterns… So have fun with those prints and show me how you rock them…

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rock your Heritage

Exploring the many facets of African fashion has led me to the discovery of many terminologies that are uniquely African.  These are the words that have brought meaning and intensified the evolution of African Fashion all over the globe.  I may have mentioned them several times in my previous blogs but I want to put more emphasis now to these words that have rocked the African-American heritage and paved the way for many African inspired designs.
Adire – a tie-dye cloth using a variety of resist die technique
Adinkra cloth - a kind of hand printed fabric divided into squares by dye lines and stamped with traditional symbols
Buba – a set of garment that consists of a loose shirt and elasticized trousers
Bògòlanfini – also referred to as the bogolan or mud cloth, a handmade cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud and employs a century old process using innumerable applications of diverse plant juices and mud to dye a cloth
Dashiki - a loose-fitting tunic, pull-over upper garment
Djellaba – a traditionally long, loose-fitting outer robe with full sleeves
Gele – a woman’s elaborate head wrap
Gomesi - a floor length, brightly colored woman’s dress with a square neckline and short, puffed sleeves, and tied with a sash placed below the waist over the hips
Kanga – colorful garment similar to a kitenge, about 1.5m by 1m, often with a border along all four sides
Kaftan– also spelled as caftan, a full length and loose dress that comes with loose wide sleeves
Kente – a colorful fabric hand woven on a horizontal treadle loom where strips are sewn together to create a larger piece of cloth
Kitenge – similar to a sarong, often worn by women wrapped around the chest or waist
Takchita – a Moroccan two-piece garment consisting of a fine dress as the first layer and second layer with elaborate embellishments that usually has buttons up closures
These may just be words to you, but from where they come from, these words are a way of life and a source of inspiration. Have a left out anything that’s uniquely African? Please feel free to post a comment so I can feature them next time…
Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to Dress Like Tyra Banks

Dress like Tyra and rock that supermodel / host look that exudes poise and confidence.  Since I have been featuring her consistently in my last two blogs, so I might as well write something that is solely dedicated to capture the way she dresses.  I love the way how she influence fashion and absolutely adore how she changes people lives.
Tyra’s fashion sense is a wonderful mix of simplicity and elaborates.  In casual occasions, she can look nonchalantly elegant in jumpsuits with a touch of fashionable belt and pretty colorful pumps. To look fierce casually, she likes to play with leggings, sheer tops, and bold wedges.  She can also look strictly businesslike with a pantsuit paired with a tailored blazer or tuxedo inspired dresses.  She is often seen in belts of varied styles from simple to bold details which she wears together with jumpsuits and sophisticated skirts.
Her red carpet fashion is always dazzling in floor length embellished gowns in sheath silhouettes or refreshingly sweet tones in knee lengths with nice shoulder details.  She pairs it with remarkable high heels and luxuriant clutch and she’s all done and pretty.  During her shows, she can be amazingly donned with a variety of fashion statements that can range from a figure-skimming white dress to basic black pantsuits to a play of African prints. 
To pull off a look that’s truly Tyra, you have to maintain a flawless skin and well toned body.  So always make it an effort to stay fit, eat right, and a regular dose of exercise.  Hit the gym and develop your own healthy beauty regimen.
Remember that the best way to be like Tyra is NOT to copy the way she walks in the runways or the way she dresses, it’s when you stand up tall and confident, ready to face the world.  It’s not just about the clothes; it’s about how you carry it that means everything.  Be the person that you are, beautifully inspired and fabulous in your own way – believe and live it!  The right attitude towards life is something that Tyra always advocates in her shows, true beauty is skin deep, it is the beauty that can make you glow from inside out.
Friday, May 6, 2011

Keeping them longer…

Tips to Dresses that Lasts

Do you want your favorite dresses prolong its life, keep its prints and colors, and hold its durability, drape and style?   Have you ever wondered why some of your most memorable dresses lose their loveliness over the shortest period of time?  Is it their quality? Or is it how you keep them that makes them loose their beautiful features?  Now that got me thinking and I arrive at the conclusion that for some reasons, maybe I just didn’t care enough.  So in order to keep them longer, please consider what I have got say.  Trust me; experience was my best teacher…
  •  If you got them stained, act on it immediately.  Never dilly-dally; otherwise, it will become permanent.  If you have to use a treatment to remove the stain, test it in an area where it is hidden just to make sure the stain remover does not damage the fabric.  There are different rules for different types of stains, so be extra careful, ask around or so some research.  If it is a non-washable fabric, then take it to the dry cleaners. 
  • If it says “Dry Clean Only”… then take heed and do as the instruction says.  If you are just plain lazy to abide, then you’re going to regret loosing that dress.  Read the care label properly to understand what kind of washing and handling the specific fabric of your dress requires.  Usually silks and wools have specific care instructions.
  • If your dresses have embellishments, like bead works and sequins, do take time to hand wash them instead of putting it directly to the washers.  You surely don’t want them dangling and ruin the look of the dress.
  • For wrinkles and creases that don’t seem to smoothen, take it to the professional to have it pressed or steamed.  So the next time around, after it is pressed, make sure to hang it carefully where it can breathe.
  • Never use chlorinated or bleached laundry powder for your beautifully colored fabrics and prints.
  • Lastly, store your dress in a cool and dry place, away from the direct heat of the sun.  Too much exposure to the heat will deteriorate its quality and ruin its fiber.

Dresses are lifelong investments.  So make them last and make the memory last… who knows, it is the dress that you can give to your children for generations to come…
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Part 3: In a Romantic Way

Romance is in the Hair!

You’ve got the dress and you’re all glam up for that romantic affair.  It is time to think of the perfect hairstyle that completes the package.  For the African-American hair, which comes in different texture and hair types, we can come up of a myriad of ideas to make you look your best in a romantic way.  Now let’s begin…

Romantic ringlets are ultra-feminine like Halle Berry in this picture.  With your natural electric wire curls, this is a style that you can accomplish with a tad amount of curl-defining mousse on a damp hair.  Using your palm, work it through the entire length of your hair making sure each strand is evenly covered while scrunching your hair at the same time.  To give your hair extra body and allowing it to move naturally, spray a small amount of detangler  all through your hair for about 5 seconds.  Then blow dry using a diffuser.  You can go with these loose sexy ringlets like Halle or you can add a little variety by styling it in a loose ponytail down your nape with an elastic rubber bond.  Make sure the rubber does not damage your hair and cause snapping.  After securing the loose ponytail, let loose a few face forming tendrils on each sides and you’re all set.   If you have super kinky hair, you can also get similar to Halle’s look by doing the kinky twists.  It is the half braid and half twist style that never fail to make a black woman look amazing.

Imagine waves and loose curls that soften your face and flatter your best feature. For the best romantic loose flowing waves, do the trick using a curling wand. For a flirty look, you do not need to curl all your strands, be creative and curl it in sections that are catchy as well as curling it in a variety of directions. Let the curls cool down a bit then spray slightly with a light hold hair spray.  You can either let your waves down or you can try to add versatility with a loose and messy ponytail like Tara’s. 

If you want to know more about African-American beauty and fashion do not hesitate to post a comment and I will make sure that I feature that in my next blogs.
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Part 2: In a Romantic Way

The Dramatic Look
As promised, this is the sequel to the blog I had previously on the romantic fashion.  This time around, I will walk you through or maybe take you to the mood for the romantic make-up.  With a light gust of air and a major dose of inspiration, this is going to be an enjoyable experience. A romantic look on African Americans comes with the natural aura of amorous grace expressed in dramatic eyes highlighted with defined curved lines of the sensual lashes and the dramatic lips that focus on colors that speaks playfulness and elegance.

So to be more vivid as I play up with the tips and tricks on getting the romantic look, I searched the web for a picture of Tyra Banks to demonstrate my point (she’s simply just one of my favorite, so I picked her as my example).  Here she goes, isn’t she just mesmerizing and dramatic?

How can you get that look?

First off, you must be able to create a dewy face.  If you have circles around your eyes, cover it up with a light pat of concealer. Just a tad amount and careful blending can do the trick for an even look.   If you must use a foundation, then go easy with a sheer one.  Use a slightly lesser amount than your usual using a brush and sponge.  Make sure it is the right color that complements your tone and undertone.  Up close, it should be as natural and flawless as possible – not caked on and covered up, so go easy on the base.  For a more natural look, you can opt to let go of the foundation, instead use a dusting translucent powder to make you look fresh and glowing all throughout.

For a youthful glow, go with shimmery liquid or loose shimmers on the temples, subtle up on the brow bone, through the center of the nose, and slight on the chin. Generously apply baby pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.  Try darker pinks if your tone is darker than Tyra.  Caution:   Loose shimmers are romantic but loose glitter is a disaster.  So be careful when you have to be all out gleaming. 

Check out Tyra’s eyes.   This is the best time to dazzle and shimmer in a romantic way – but take caution in the blending.  Give that extra glow from the lash lines up to the brow bones using a crease brush.  Go with shimmers in the shades of pinks, peach, taupe, amethyst, and creams.  Forgo the eyeliner, curl your lashes, and go with the mascara.  Apply two coats to get those super sexy lashes. Trick: Let dry the first coat before going for the second one for a more effective flirty coat.

Waive heavy and thick lipsticks - go for the shimmery shades of pink, berry, and apricots.

Now that you’ve got the dress to begin, try these hot tips on make-up and you will surely have that look to charm your man with a dramatic gaze.  Watch out for my next blog on the romantic hair to get the most of the romantic way in fashion

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