Saturday, May 21, 2011

Part 3: Beat the Summer Heat

When it’s Too Hot to Wear Make-up

Summer is usually way too hot for your usual make-up, so the key to achieving the best look this season is to lighten up.  Getting away for a while from your usual routine can be easily done when you opt for the more natural bare-bone routine. To complement your favorite summer dress,  it’s all about playing up with little make up as much as possible and still holding up that fabulous look longer while beating the heat on your face, cheeks, eyes, and lips.   

Let’s start with the face
It is always best to keep your face always moisturized most especially in the hot months.  A properly moisturized face can bring out a smooth finish and keeps the base longer even with little amount.   Foundations gets heavy as the temperature rises, but if you must wear foundation, go for the mineral-based sheers that can easily build good coverage.  The ultimate idea for a cooler face against the heat is to go bare or go for tinted moisturizer that can also achieve the same coverage as the foundation.  And if you intend to go around under the sun, a good sunscreen must come in handy.

Glow with the sun
If you want to maintain a good glow that lasts long, go for the liquid blush or cream bronzers that are easily absorbed on the skin since powder may not go well with sweats.  Use your fingertips to apply a subtle blush and tap onto the apples of your cheeks.

Go easy on the eyes
For a defined look that is not overdone and heavy, choose mascara that does magic on lengthening and curling the lashes instead of thickening it.  Go for the lighter and neutral shades for the eye shadows.  If you want to play with colors, go easy on them.  See how Beyonce did it.
Subtle hues
On your lips, choose sheer lip tints with moisturizers as well as SPF to get away with cracked and dry lips.  If you already have chapped lips, hide it with a primer and lipsticks with cherry and pink tones.

In a final note to a beautiful look any season, always keep your skin healthy, clear and glowing.  Nothing beats natural beauty! 


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