Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to Dress Like Tyra Banks

Dress like Tyra and rock that supermodel / host look that exudes poise and confidence.  Since I have been featuring her consistently in my last two blogs, so I might as well write something that is solely dedicated to capture the way she dresses.  I love the way how she influence fashion and absolutely adore how she changes people lives.
Tyra’s fashion sense is a wonderful mix of simplicity and elaborates.  In casual occasions, she can look nonchalantly elegant in jumpsuits with a touch of fashionable belt and pretty colorful pumps. To look fierce casually, she likes to play with leggings, sheer tops, and bold wedges.  She can also look strictly businesslike with a pantsuit paired with a tailored blazer or tuxedo inspired dresses.  She is often seen in belts of varied styles from simple to bold details which she wears together with jumpsuits and sophisticated skirts.
Her red carpet fashion is always dazzling in floor length embellished gowns in sheath silhouettes or refreshingly sweet tones in knee lengths with nice shoulder details.  She pairs it with remarkable high heels and luxuriant clutch and she’s all done and pretty.  During her shows, she can be amazingly donned with a variety of fashion statements that can range from a figure-skimming white dress to basic black pantsuits to a play of African prints. 
To pull off a look that’s truly Tyra, you have to maintain a flawless skin and well toned body.  So always make it an effort to stay fit, eat right, and a regular dose of exercise.  Hit the gym and develop your own healthy beauty regimen.
Remember that the best way to be like Tyra is NOT to copy the way she walks in the runways or the way she dresses, it’s when you stand up tall and confident, ready to face the world.  It’s not just about the clothes; it’s about how you carry it that means everything.  Be the person that you are, beautifully inspired and fabulous in your own way – believe and live it!  The right attitude towards life is something that Tyra always advocates in her shows, true beauty is skin deep, it is the beauty that can make you glow from inside out.


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