Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tips to Beautiful & Healthy Nails

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often neglect the state of our nails.  While we are all dressed up for an important occasion, to our utter dismay, our nails are not in the condition that we can be proud of. The dress looks fabulous, hair perfect, make-up flattering, and then we realize that both our toe nails and finger nails are not all glam up for the occasion.  Okay, so we can hide our toe nails by wearing close shoes, but what about the hand nails? Of course, it's crazy to wear gloves to a party!

Even if we have to do a hundred things with our hands, a moment of simply checking our nails wouldn’t hurt right?  So here are a few tips to ensure that we can maintain beautiful nails and say goodbye to dry, brittle, and weak nails.
  • For dry nails, a tad amount of petroleum jelly works wonders on the cuticles and skin around them.  If petroleum jelly is not to your liking, try castor oil or olive oil.  It helps if you do this every night before heading for bed.  This can also make your hand softer and healthier.
  • If you have to do gardening or washing of dishes, protect your nails by wearing gloves.  It does not only protect your nails from dirt and harsh cleaners, it maintains the softness of your hands.
  • To prevent fungal infection on the foot and avoid damaging the nails, make sure your foot is dry before wearing shoes. As much as possible, wear pure cotton socks as it is best in absorbing dampness and sweat.
  • Polished nails are pleasing to the eyes. Clear coats and nail colors protect the nails and make it stronger.  However, do not be lazy to remove the color if it is already flaking off.  It is disturbing to see nails that are untidy and messy.
  • A touch of color always looks good on the nails, so try to apply fresh top coat every day.  This way, you are always ready to go anywhere even with short notice.  Depending on the occasion, just make sure that the colors are not too striking to make the wrong impression.
  • In removing polish, use acetate-based removers. Avoid using color removers with acetone or formaldehyde 
  • as they dry the nails tremendously.

Take care of your nails and you're in for a big surprise. Clean, healthy and beautiful nails can always enhance your over-all appearance.  


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