Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Part 2: In a Romantic Way

The Dramatic Look
As promised, this is the sequel to the blog I had previously on the romantic fashion.  This time around, I will walk you through or maybe take you to the mood for the romantic make-up.  With a light gust of air and a major dose of inspiration, this is going to be an enjoyable experience. A romantic look on African Americans comes with the natural aura of amorous grace expressed in dramatic eyes highlighted with defined curved lines of the sensual lashes and the dramatic lips that focus on colors that speaks playfulness and elegance.

So to be more vivid as I play up with the tips and tricks on getting the romantic look, I searched the web for a picture of Tyra Banks to demonstrate my point (she’s simply just one of my favorite, so I picked her as my example).  Here she goes, isn’t she just mesmerizing and dramatic?

How can you get that look?

First off, you must be able to create a dewy face.  If you have circles around your eyes, cover it up with a light pat of concealer. Just a tad amount and careful blending can do the trick for an even look.   If you must use a foundation, then go easy with a sheer one.  Use a slightly lesser amount than your usual using a brush and sponge.  Make sure it is the right color that complements your tone and undertone.  Up close, it should be as natural and flawless as possible – not caked on and covered up, so go easy on the base.  For a more natural look, you can opt to let go of the foundation, instead use a dusting translucent powder to make you look fresh and glowing all throughout.

For a youthful glow, go with shimmery liquid or loose shimmers on the temples, subtle up on the brow bone, through the center of the nose, and slight on the chin. Generously apply baby pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.  Try darker pinks if your tone is darker than Tyra.  Caution:   Loose shimmers are romantic but loose glitter is a disaster.  So be careful when you have to be all out gleaming. 

Check out Tyra’s eyes.   This is the best time to dazzle and shimmer in a romantic way – but take caution in the blending.  Give that extra glow from the lash lines up to the brow bones using a crease brush.  Go with shimmers in the shades of pinks, peach, taupe, amethyst, and creams.  Forgo the eyeliner, curl your lashes, and go with the mascara.  Apply two coats to get those super sexy lashes. Trick: Let dry the first coat before going for the second one for a more effective flirty coat.

Waive heavy and thick lipsticks - go for the shimmery shades of pink, berry, and apricots.

Now that you’ve got the dress to begin, try these hot tips on make-up and you will surely have that look to charm your man with a dramatic gaze.  Watch out for my next blog on the romantic hair to get the most of the romantic way in fashion


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