Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Brides in Africa Keeps the Original Culture of African Wedding Attire

It would be endless to talk about the African's culture, especially for the clothing. Now, we will talk about the African bridal attire for women and men. Although there are many changes in bridal attires for women and men, the African people still keep their original style of  the wedding attire.

Women's Attire
Like the common brides, the African women wear the expensive and elegant clothes for their wedding day. The West African people usually hold a big wedding ceremony in their environment. For the attire, they usually wear a traditional african blouse, an iro ( a long wrap which looks like skirt) and also a gelee (head wrap).
The gelee which is worn by woman can be very large and intricate. The wrapper is made from embroidered fabrics.
Men's Attire
The African men wear a fila which can be called as kufi (a round box hat), sokoto, and a dashiki or boubou (a long robe) for their wedding ceremony. There is also a tradition that the men should wear their fathers' dashiki or their grandfathers' boubou. Both of the clothes are made from embroidered fabrics.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fashion Show in Ghana - One Week Event

Maybe the fashion show in Ghana which is held approximately one week event is a common event for the African fashion lovers. This fashion event allows the fashion designers, brands or houses to show their latest collection and ideas of African fashion. People can take a look or get inspirated with the latest fashion trends presented by the designers. Most importantly, for some industry can know what is "in" and what is "out" of the fashion season. 

Many teenagers, women , and men can get the latest fashion trends as they're the fashion trends followers. The most reputable fashion show as one week events are held in the four fashion capitals around the world. They are Milan, Paris, New York City, and London.

We already have the arise magazine fashion week such as Africa Fashion Week in London and Africa Fashion Week in New York. The great progress of African Fashion is that African people have started to encourage themselves to be a host of their own Fashion week that is held in most every part of Africa though there were only a few parts of Africa which held the Africa fashion week; Swahili, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana fashion week.

Amazingly, there would be some great designers : Coccolily, Christie Brown , etc on the next year that I do believe will bring so much colors on the Fashion Industry in Africa especially in Ghana.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is African Black Soap?

I personally wonder about the African black soap. I initially think that the African black soap is black, and I was so curious to know,and tried to get the information of African black soap. After doing some research, I get the answer about what the African black soap is.
Well, the African black soap was made in West Africa of the first production. The African black soap usually called as Anago soap or Alata soap. For many years ago, people who live in Ghana have used this Alata soap to get the oily skin and also relieve the acne. People in Ghana believe if they use this black soap, their skin will be more beautiful. They also use this soap for bathing and washing their hair.
The African black soap is not a scented soap like what we usually find in the supermarket. We can say the African black soap is a part of African’s culture. This soap is traditionally made from some natural ingredients such as leaves from banana trees, bark of trees, cocoa pods, and the other natural ingredients.
You may find the different color on each kind of African black soap, it is because the different ingredients which are used to make this black soap. The benefits of this African black soap are that it can be used on body, hand, face, it will help you relieve the acne, and also relieve the irritations. If you are interested in using this traditional soap,you can purchase it easily.

Festival for African Fashion and Arts’ Background

Sometimes, people do not really care about the conservation of different cultures. The African fashion initially was ignored for its existence. The African fashion actually can be the other inspiration to create a fresh and new fashion design. Recently, many international designers get inspirited with the African clothing to deliver their creative ideas for women and men.
One of annual event which is held in Africa is the Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA). This event accommodates the creative designers and also models who are interested in African clothing. Not only fashion but also the African music and arts can be performed as well. The Festival for African Fashion and Arts is held in Nairobi, Kenya. The FAFA aims to empower the Africans and bring positive energy in the fields of fashion, music and arts.
In Festival for African Fashion and Arts, both of the Africans and the international designers can get the strong initiatives on social and environmental impact. This Festival for African fashion and Arts can also build a brave of African people to show up their ability and make them proud of their original cultures.
The Festival for African Fashion and Arts’ motivation is to show the creativity and the solidarity of Africans and the other people around the world in the face of adversity. But most people who join this annual event are the Africans.
African fashion needs to be kept as a part of world’s cultures. Therefore, there should be the other place for Africans to show their imagination and creativity of their fashion.
Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Old African Clothing

Africa is a large continent with several countries. It is not surprising if there are a lot of ways of clothing in each area.  This page covers a lot of time of African fashion style from the stone age to themiddle ages. You can see the differences of African clothing by the time. People who live in Africa have started wearing clothes around 180.000 years ago. African people probably started because there was an ice age that time. First clothing of Africans was made from animal skins, fur or leather as their shawl and loinclothes.
After thousands of years, people in Africa began to make lighter, less sweaty kinds of clothes. Perhaps the first kind of cloth that Africans made was pounded bark fibers. The African peel the bark of some trees and pound them with a stone until they get the soft fibers and the hard part breaks off. Those small pieces of cloth can be pounded or sewn together . In Central Africa especially in Uganda, people usually used the bark of fig trees. People also pounded cloth from raffia palm.
Peopl in Africa dyed the bark cloth to create the trends of patterns. The most famous and important dye was indigo, which is the dye we may see today to make a blue jeans . African usually wore tie dyeing to make patterns on their cloth. In some areas in Africa, women did the fabric work, and the other areas, men did most of fabric work. By 200 BC, some of African people started wearing clothes instead of pounding them because there were so many people now that was not enough bark for everyone. Although there were just a few people started to wear clothes, but soon, a lot of North African people made the clothes as an experts and professionals.
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Different Look of African Clothing

People usually look and give their assessment to the African clothes as common fashion. Actually people need to know if the African fashion is full of cultural importance which not realized by people. Have you ever seen the cloth that African clothes are made of?  The fabric which generally used in African clothes is brightly colored and also made from wearable art. Start from the patterns and the colors vary from some regions with the different way on spinning the thread and  weaving the fabric.
Well, let’s move the main subject we want to talk, it is the African Clothing. There are many kinds of fabrics which are used to make traditional African clothing. They usually include Aso oke fabric or Adire fabric both of them are made from Yaruba. Aso oke is the fabric and the Adire means a tie dye process which is used to make a patterns on cloth with wave. There are some other typesof African textiles such as Kente cloth that is made by Akan ethnic group, Barkcloth, Kanga, Mudcloth, and Kitenge.
The African clothes or dresses are usually loose fitting and very comfortable. Every region has their own outfit. In some areas on Afric, a long dress may be worn by women and also men. You might think if that’s an extraordinary way ofclothing, but that is what African wear for their fashion. Tha various kinds of clothing were influenced by the cultures from other countries which surround the area where a piece of clothing comes from.
If you want to dress up yourself with the African fashion, you can purchase the item freely. Maybe the flowing shirt, a pair of pants which are combined with the robe and a hat will be your choices to change your fashion style.
Friday, August 5, 2011

The Traditional African Fashion

We have to admit after seeing the reality that many designers around the world have been influenced by the existence of African fashion. As we can see the African fashion has its own uniqueness. But have you ever thought , what traditional afican fashion looks like? Nahh.. Let’s discuss about this .

African Fashion for Men
The traditional African fashion for men usually rich in texture and filled with rich needlework. The traditional African fashion for men , there are typically 3 or 4 piece of outfits which including the traditional hat, long sleeved shirt, pants and a traditional Agbada (bubu) which can be worn over the shirt. All of the pieces have heavy matching needlework. The outfit is typically worn for special event such as marriage, anniversary, etc.

African Fashion for women                                 
The African fashion for women tends to be different from each region. Kaftans, blouse and pants or skirts, dashiki, etc are the common wears of African women. For the special events, afican women usually choose the embroidered African clothes. The casual African clothes tends to be light such as cotton and may be tie- dyed. African women usually likes to wear vary vibrant colors and prints dress for their fashion.
For women and women , the color of their fashion ranges from light, subtle colors to loud and bright colors.
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Prodigious Tribal Fashion Show

The African Fashion Show is a catchy topic to talk about in this great time. Well you might be a little surprised if you see the picture . What do you think? Unique? Yes, absolutely that’s the uniqueness of African people.

The African fashion show has catched many people to see it. With colorful make up of yellow, whites and reds, some additional accessories such as flamboyant accessories and the unusual decorations have become another magnetism. You would be forgiven if you think that the designs of some pictures originated in the fevered mind of some fashionista.
This African Fashion show was inspired by the wild trees, flowers and nature of the Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan, and Mursi areas.
You can see the next picture. It’s an extraordinary thing, using the root and leaves as the accessories combined with the strong make up. There is alsoa necklace of banana leaves around a neck. The African Tribes realize that Mother Nature has provided them with flowers, trees and nature as their wardrobe.
Although the origins of this baffling tradition have been lost for several years, the Surma and Mursi spent much of their life time embroil in tribal warfare. More than fifteen tribes have lived in this region and many of them use zebra skins for their leggings, snail shells for necklaces and also cllays to stick their designs to their heads. They like to paint their bodies and make a bold decision of their outfits. As they proud of being a part of their tribes.
I literally appreciate the African Fashion Show. From there we can see , no matter what your colors just be different and brave with your original tribes.. 

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