Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whatever you look, dress well means a harmony of your body and your style

Most women have their own desire about their appearance, so do the African women. You have the same opinion,right? Usually, look slimmer is one of women’s dreams. According to many fashion designs which have been made by the expert designer, African women should try some kinds of new dress to make them wonderful. If you look more slender, wearing the same colour from head to toe will make you look slimmer. African women has applied that method to beautify their appearance.
Most African women have big sized body, and need to wear the right colour choice which will make them slimmer. The dark colour, usually become the alternative. But, no one will blame African women if they want to wear the light one. Their skin colour will give another aesthetic aspect. If you already have a strong silhouette, you do not need to worry about what collour should be and should not be applied on your body and wearing clothes to your size will make you more gorgeous with your body silhouette. Avoid too large dress/cloth size, dare clothing near the body, but remember, not the tight one. The best thing to dress up your body is to choose the right size for your body.
Sexy does not mean wearing a tight cloth or even too much exposure your body, the right definition of sexy is wearing the best cloth for you, makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel more confident. Sounds simple but means a lot for your beauty :)
Friday, July 29, 2011

Natural Beauty of African Women

Well .. Women may think if “beauty” can be seen from beautiful face, thin shaped body, light skin, flawless appearance or even false eye lashes thouh nothing wrong with their eyes (That’s commonly happen among us). What if we judge that opinion to African women? If all of us agree with those statements, does it mean that none of African women is beautiful? I firmly say NO. I personally think that African beauty appears from their.. I do not know how to describe it. It just like when you see someone who is impressive but you can not even say any words to explain it clearly why he or she is wonderful. That’s what the aesthetic side as the wonderful Masterpiece.

Look at the picture .

She’s one of African models. She’s beautiful, right? You can see from her luscious full lips (which become a plus for African models) and the appeal of beauty from African women is their different colour shades black. You will realize if everybody has various perception of Africans beauty. You will also find if there is no malnourished models in Africa since it’s very rare. Africans are proud of their exotic skin. The African concept of beauty is accepted worldwide and we can see many famous brands are challenged to create advanced fashion designs which can grab many pairs of eyes out there.
In the past, models in Africa used to complained if the size of the dresses were too small for African models’ body. We have to appreciate that Africans can show us their pride of their own beauty and they have proven if they’re ready to compete with any professional models around the world. All of us need to be proud of our colour and our skin rich.
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On fashion, beauty, and anything in between

And I woke up this morning with my head reeling off with a lot of wonderful things to write about – a sure sign that I am finally getting back to the cyber world after a long and tedious hibernation.  I have suddenly felt a sudden vigor to be back on my tracks with a surprising urge towards productivity that had been dormant for these past few days.  Yes I am back to blogging about my favorite topics: fashion, beauty, and anything in between.

We are all indeed blessed with the potential to be amazing.  I used to believe that success only comes for those who labor and I was dubious about the fact that victories can happen to be painless.  Yes you can find success on fashion, beauty, and anything in between if you believe in yourself, and that doesn’t have to hurt.  Okay, I acknowledge that I’m sounding a bit too eccentric.  But do you know that the promise of beauty or the sense of fashion fuels a desire to appreciate human nature even better?  With that conscious state of mind, anything from a simple mix and match to power dressing can bring out the success in you.

There will be continuous ramblings on fashion adventure and misadventures as well as beauty experiments and successes. The many great things about being a woman are a nook on its own and it is great to be one.   With the many choices and hurdles that we face, decisions toughen us for the long haul ahead.  The feeling of contentment doesn’t have to be complicated.  Simple thoughts and simple things, they can totally be amazing when coupled with the right mix of inspiration.

And this is why, something as trivial as a thought of a blog, matters.  It can transform into a myriad of other thoughts altogether – like inspirations on what to wear the next day, keeping up with the latest fashion trend, finding options to look even more beautiful and feeling good about it.  Thoughts on fashion and beauty is endless… the journey continues… and it would be fun if you join me in this adventure.
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Office Fashion Commandments

1.       Go for the clean and polished look.  Depending on the office setting, you can either go for the smart look, formal look, or casual look – always remember that whichever look is your office aura, make sure your clothes are “crease free” and clean.   So whether if there is a dress code or none, looking polished in a dress or suit always makes a difference.
2.       Go for the perfect fit and comfort.  Always, and I mean always make sure you wear wardrobes with perfect fit and comfort.  Any wardrobe malfunction will certainly cause a major fashion faux pas and would most likely cost a lot more than you can imagine.
3.       Think “presentable” when choosing your clothes.  Yes comfort is important but make sure you are presentable enough in front of all the people in the office as well as for other visitors and guests that will possibly have an impact to your organization.  You’ll never how these people can affect your performance and how you may be perceived by your superiors.
4.       Never go for skin exposure at the office. Need I elaborate?  Indecent wardrobes are generally offensive in an office setting.   "Men have to be comfortable with you, not looking at you as a woman but as a business partner."
5.       Be sensible in wearing scents.  In wearing perfumes or colognes, be considerate with others and avoid extra strong smells.
6.       Go light and natural with your make-up.  Stay away from ultra bright colors and save all the glamour for night-time affairs or a fancy date-night.
7.       Go easy on your hair.  Never go overboard with your hairstyle.  Whether in an easy up do or do down, smart and presentable styles always work best in the offices.
8.       Go for the “noiseless” foot wears.  Low heels, leather shoes are office setting shoes.   If you want to go stylish, keep it at a minimum with a refined taste that matches well with your wardrobe.
9.       Never over-accessorize.   Bling-blings are not exactly the best office decoration.
10.   Always have handkerchief’s come in handy.  You will never know when you are going to sneeze or remove dirt from your face or clothes.

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