Friday, July 29, 2011

Natural Beauty of African Women

Well .. Women may think if “beauty” can be seen from beautiful face, thin shaped body, light skin, flawless appearance or even false eye lashes thouh nothing wrong with their eyes (That’s commonly happen among us). What if we judge that opinion to African women? If all of us agree with those statements, does it mean that none of African women is beautiful? I firmly say NO. I personally think that African beauty appears from their.. I do not know how to describe it. It just like when you see someone who is impressive but you can not even say any words to explain it clearly why he or she is wonderful. That’s what the aesthetic side as the wonderful Masterpiece.

Look at the picture .

She’s one of African models. She’s beautiful, right? You can see from her luscious full lips (which become a plus for African models) and the appeal of beauty from African women is their different colour shades black. You will realize if everybody has various perception of Africans beauty. You will also find if there is no malnourished models in Africa since it’s very rare. Africans are proud of their exotic skin. The African concept of beauty is accepted worldwide and we can see many famous brands are challenged to create advanced fashion designs which can grab many pairs of eyes out there.
In the past, models in Africa used to complained if the size of the dresses were too small for African models’ body. We have to appreciate that Africans can show us their pride of their own beauty and they have proven if they’re ready to compete with any professional models around the world. All of us need to be proud of our colour and our skin rich.


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