Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whatever you look, dress well means a harmony of your body and your style

Most women have their own desire about their appearance, so do the African women. You have the same opinion,right? Usually, look slimmer is one of women’s dreams. According to many fashion designs which have been made by the expert designer, African women should try some kinds of new dress to make them wonderful. If you look more slender, wearing the same colour from head to toe will make you look slimmer. African women has applied that method to beautify their appearance.
Most African women have big sized body, and need to wear the right colour choice which will make them slimmer. The dark colour, usually become the alternative. But, no one will blame African women if they want to wear the light one. Their skin colour will give another aesthetic aspect. If you already have a strong silhouette, you do not need to worry about what collour should be and should not be applied on your body and wearing clothes to your size will make you more gorgeous with your body silhouette. Avoid too large dress/cloth size, dare clothing near the body, but remember, not the tight one. The best thing to dress up your body is to choose the right size for your body.
Sexy does not mean wearing a tight cloth or even too much exposure your body, the right definition of sexy is wearing the best cloth for you, makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel more confident. Sounds simple but means a lot for your beauty :)


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