Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Prodigious Tribal Fashion Show

The African Fashion Show is a catchy topic to talk about in this great time. Well you might be a little surprised if you see the picture . What do you think? Unique? Yes, absolutely that’s the uniqueness of African people.

The African fashion show has catched many people to see it. With colorful make up of yellow, whites and reds, some additional accessories such as flamboyant accessories and the unusual decorations have become another magnetism. You would be forgiven if you think that the designs of some pictures originated in the fevered mind of some fashionista.
This African Fashion show was inspired by the wild trees, flowers and nature of the Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan, and Mursi areas.
You can see the next picture. It’s an extraordinary thing, using the root and leaves as the accessories combined with the strong make up. There is alsoa necklace of banana leaves around a neck. The African Tribes realize that Mother Nature has provided them with flowers, trees and nature as their wardrobe.
Although the origins of this baffling tradition have been lost for several years, the Surma and Mursi spent much of their life time embroil in tribal warfare. More than fifteen tribes have lived in this region and many of them use zebra skins for their leggings, snail shells for necklaces and also cllays to stick their designs to their heads. They like to paint their bodies and make a bold decision of their outfits. As they proud of being a part of their tribes.
I literally appreciate the African Fashion Show. From there we can see , no matter what your colors just be different and brave with your original tribes.. 


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