Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Festival for African Fashion and Arts’ Background

Sometimes, people do not really care about the conservation of different cultures. The African fashion initially was ignored for its existence. The African fashion actually can be the other inspiration to create a fresh and new fashion design. Recently, many international designers get inspirited with the African clothing to deliver their creative ideas for women and men.
One of annual event which is held in Africa is the Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA). This event accommodates the creative designers and also models who are interested in African clothing. Not only fashion but also the African music and arts can be performed as well. The Festival for African Fashion and Arts is held in Nairobi, Kenya. The FAFA aims to empower the Africans and bring positive energy in the fields of fashion, music and arts.
In Festival for African Fashion and Arts, both of the Africans and the international designers can get the strong initiatives on social and environmental impact. This Festival for African fashion and Arts can also build a brave of African people to show up their ability and make them proud of their original cultures.
The Festival for African Fashion and Arts’ motivation is to show the creativity and the solidarity of Africans and the other people around the world in the face of adversity. But most people who join this annual event are the Africans.
African fashion needs to be kept as a part of world’s cultures. Therefore, there should be the other place for Africans to show their imagination and creativity of their fashion.


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