Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you were a dress, which dress would you be?

Now that’s an absurd question!  But for those fashion savvies like me, that’s an interesting topic that would spark excitement and trigger curiosity… To some they would probably say, “I’m that colorful sundress because I have a sunny, vibrant, and lively personality!” or “I am that kaftan dress coz I am a proud African!” Others would simply say, “I’m that plus size dress coz I have a big heart!” Wow, beat that! Many things could be said about dresses, what they mean to you, how they relate to you, and what you might be if you were a dress.

If you have style aspirations, then most usually, they are the dress that you would want to represent you.  Over time, several symbolisms have prevailed and hold up meanings to some of our favorite dresses.  So to name a few, here they are:

The dashing little red dress has always rocked throughout the ages.   It represents an exciting and exhilarating life.  Flaunt it if you want to portray a look with a dash of fearlessness and a zest of fun.

The flimsy white dress is never boring.  It is a symbol of innocence, purity and chasteness.  The white dress is a good sign of virtue and can help you project an image of extreme freshness and neatness.

The iconic little black dress has known to always pull off an illusion of slim figure and sophistication.  Black is the color of mystery, authority, power, self-control, resilience and confidence.  So if you want to feel the way the dress symbolizes, don on that little black dress.

The abstract printed dress favors an impression of complexity and artistry.  Discover a side of you that’s left to be unveiled.

Colors and styles play significant roles in the varying meanings, symbols, and terms of the many dresses worldwide. It depends on the varying cultures, traditions, and beliefs all in all. African dress fashions have varying meanings depending on the many regions of Africa.  Western apparel is more modern and the colors play the part in its symbolism.   There are still a lot of dresses I have left off.  But if you want to know more, leave a post and I would be delighted to give you a clue of what they mean.

Now, back to my question, if you were a dress, which dress would you be?  There are more options to help you decide, check out Facebook and Twitter.


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