Wednesday, March 23, 2011

African Fashions: A Glimpse of Summer

Do you want to breeze out the door in fashion?  The best of the season is yet to come! And of course we want to you be prepared… And so here I am, all agog to show you the African Fashions Collection on top of my list.  Oh I just love the sun! Who doesn’t?  Do you know that warm weather and sunshine can surely improve the mood, boost creativity, and inspire playfulness?  It’s the time of the year to indulge in almost anything.

Forget the frizzy hair and wardrobe challenges; welcome the sun and fun with’s wide array of selections.  I’ve got just the right solutions to your summer conundrums, so you can do all your stuff – enjoying the sun, the parties, the pool, the reads, or whatever’s in your bucket list – all while looking breezy, comfy, and simply amazing!

How do you pull off the sexy wardrobe without getting overdone?  Add that colorful asymmetrical dress to your wardrobe and you’re all set.  It’s a sexy number, gorgeous for the season, for the hot date, and for the party.  It’s exactly the feminine look that exudes the romantic side of you.

Beat the heat with an unpredictable twist to summer with the best of Africa’s beautifully designed caftan inspired top.  It’s very easy to toss on over a bikini and can go well with just any bottom from hot shorts to sleek leggings.

Look good and feel good in the sun.  Add color to the warmer months with all hues and patterns.  It’s cool to be bright, bold, and beautiful.  Welcome the bright trend and keep the arty edge.  Undoubtedly perfect for the sun-sea-and-sand escapades.

Want to rock a long dress? The essential wear for the summertime, the maxi is just stunning and can work even overtime up to the night.  Practical, flowing, cool, easy to wear, need I say more?

For places where it’s sunny every day, fret no more, we got you covered.  For African-Americans out there, embrace the heat while embracing a fashion that’s truly you.  Still craving for more of the African fashions collections? There’s plenty more to see, check out and


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