Sunday, March 27, 2011


Finding the Perfect Pair for the Perfect White Dress

What’s in it about shoes that make a woman giddy?  What’s with the “shoe-thing” that we, women of all ages and colors, go gaga about?  And when can we ever have enough of them?  Have you been one of the many who sacrificed comfort for the glory of fashion?  I honestly don’t know what’s with shoes and women, but I do know that finding the perfect pair for that perfect dress makes a perfect day!  Because I know that every dress deserves a few staples, I will try to give you the basic shoe style and hue that will complement your white dress in nearly any occasion.

As many of you may know, the perfect white dress complements best the African-American skin.  But what shoe color or style can best complement it?  If you opt for the white shoe, well, you will look more like a bride, and if you opt for the black pair, you are obviously over coordinated.  So here’s a hint.  For white dresses that are long or maxi, it can best be worn with a pair of wedge heels in metallic shades or a pair gladiator sandal in gold or copper tones.  For cocktail white dresses, a dash of color is perfect. Try wearing red or blue pump with 4” high heels and coordinate it with that matching quilted clutch.  But if you are not so keen on wearing high heels, elegant ballet pumps in gold or silver are the perfect options.  White dresses are divine and timeless, so you should have the perfect pair of shoes and accessories to go with them.

It’s been said quite so often that a pair of shoe can give you that first impression?  Or it can be a reflection of your mood and well, a common cliché, a reflection of you. So I wonder, what does your shoe say about you? As for me, I take comfort with my pretty set of shimmering pumps, coz no matter how much my body morphs over the ages,  my shoe size stays the same, so I got to keep them longer and love every moment I’m on it.  So what’s your story?

Do you know that a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit?  Do you want to learn more on which shoe can complement most of your wardrobe?  Want to know more about fashion especially for black women like us? Read on at Afrawear, and you can also follow them at Facebook and Twitter.  


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