Saturday, March 12, 2011

African Fashion: A Culture Portal

African Fashion is a fashion portal dedicated to promote and boost the rich, diverse, and exuberant culture of Africa.  You can experience a lot more of Africa through the visions of fashion providers by logging on to was established by two IT Consultants from Prompt IT Services with the passion and heart of their African origin.  Its goal is to introduce the wonders of Africa to the world through its culture, music, fashion, styles, history, and geography.   Africa is home to unique cultures, tribal dances, chanting, and storytelling, finest craft work, safari destinations, breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, scenic citadels and water splendors. wants to encourage African-American from all over the globe to promote African fashions and culture in any way possible.  Being able to carry out and express the African tradition and heritage while living and working in a Western World can be pretty tough and deterring.  Express yourself and never be afraid to introduce your culture to the world, coz what you are and what you can be is a divine gift that can stand out from the rest.  One classic way of doing so is a mix and match of a suit and embellished African beaded headdress.  That is just one classic example but the list goes on.

This fashion portal wants to work closely with reputable importers and traders and introduce art works, dress, clothes, musical instruments, jewelry, and health products of Africa to pave the way for a worldwide revelation. has an end in mind, not just for fashion, but for the benefits of the people in Africa.  Most of their suppliers donate money from their profits to Africa as well as promote the creation of jobs.   No one is too far or too inadequate to help in his own little ways. provides a wide array of products that had been punctiliously selected just for you.  It offers fabulous African fashion with designs, colors, patterns, embellishments, embroideries and fabrics that range from simple to elaborate.   You can get their latest updates not only from; you can also follow them through and


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