Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Beauty: Facts and Myths

Nobody wants to look older than their age. Every woman wants a healthy, glowing skin to keep up with their youthfulness.   So we pamper ourselves to keep it as smooth and silky as can be.  For skin that seemingly never age, it is a matter of significance to note the facts behind our common misconceptions.  Before we indulge ourselves with tons and tons of beauty products, it is important to understand what's true and what's not about our ebony skin.

Myth # 1:  Black skin does not burn or get damaged by the heat of the sun. 
Although black skin has more melanin than white skin, it doesn’t mean that they are free of damage.  The damage may be less apparent than white skin, but too much exposure to the heat can still cause damage whatever complexion you may have.  True that melanin can offer a certain amount of protection but that doesn't completely shield you from the harmful rays of the sun.   So protect your skin and use sunscreen protection when you have to be under the heat.

Myth # 2:  Black skin is tougher and less gentle. 
Ooops, that's another misconception.  Black skin is as sensitive and delicate as white skin.  So avoid excessive washing and scrubbing of the face. Again, the dark hue may be able to hide the bruising, but the damage is still there.

Myth # 3:  Black oily skin does not need to moisturize. 
Majority of dark skinned women have oily skin because they often have more and larger sebaceous or oil glands.  But this doesn't mean that you do not need to hydrate and maintain a well moisturized skin.  Regardless of color, it is a must to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize to get that young looking clear skin.  For dark skins with larger pores, getting a good tonner is indispensable.  Never compromise toning to maintain healthy pores and avoid blackheads or other skin problems. 

Myth # 4: Black doesn’t get wrinkles.
The idea that black skin has higher level of pigmentation does not mean that black don't crack.  Women of whatever ethnicity can still get those fine lines, laugh lines and crow’s feet.  So don't assume that coz you're black you can get away from wrinkles.  To keep your youth, be vigilant and heed our advice on cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliation. 

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