Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uncover African Fashions

Nothing is constant with fashion except change.  It has continuously evolved over the centuries and its dynamism has been a target of much tattles and tales.  African fashion may have dramatically changed over time but it still carries with it the prowess of its tradition.  Nowadays, there are already many online resources, blogs and magazines that bring forth all sorts of African trends and latest styles.  These resources bring the concepts of combining western and traditional as well as the collaboration of rustic and refined. 

One fairly new website that proves interesting is the (  It features uniquely fashionable and traditionally designed clothing lines that can be worn in almost all occasions.   They feature a wide display of African touch to every wardrobe.  It is a fashion hub that caters to all African-American women and hopes to create a niche in the fashion industry.  It aims to celebrate what being a black woman is all about, her beauty, lifestyle, and aspirations.

Here are a few fashion favorites that have evolved throughout the ages.  While the caftan has showed the world with its versatility and a designers landscape, far more African fashions are worthy of admiration.  The Lapa is the modern version of the African Tribal Queen outfit.  This attire reveals an aura of elegance and gentility.  This is perfect for special occasions like weddings and formal affairs.  Then there’s the woman’s Dashiki which was used to be only worn by men.  It features an embellished V-shaped collar and are usually loose-fitting pullover outfit that can be paired with just any other bottom wear.  It is very stylish and fashionable and can be worn either formally or casually.  Another favorite is the African printed sundress which showcases the combination of African tradition and contemporary trends.  It is cool and breezy, perfect for the beach and tropical climates.

African fashion varies from being elegant, exquisite, practical and conventional.  It can be a marvel of being plain to vibrant, simple to elaborate, and traditional to contemporary designs.  It may have transitioned to being modern but African fashion has still retained the characteristics that are uniquely African.  For reference to more of the domains in African fashion, follow us in


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