Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dress to Impress

Who wouldn't want to make the right impression?  We are sometimes caught in an occasional flight of fancy to dress-up to impress.  Some lofty ideas can be grounded in sublime style, while some are indifferent contrary to expectations.  We can come up with a lot of reasons why we need to make that lasting impression.  It can be for a job interview, first dates, meet-the-parent affairs, weddings, religious gatherings, or a special occasion.  So before you try to impress, understand what are the tricks of the trade. 

In a work environment setting, try to create a professional and formal look by coming up with a wardrobe that focus on how you want the job interviewers or your bosses to perceive you.  If you want to appear smart, dress smartly.  In an office set-up, wear suits, skirts and matching jackets that are tailored cut paired with plain white or light colored tops.  In a more high fashion set-up, wear suits that are more stylish and pair it with tops that come in bolder and richer colors.  Strike a balance between fashion and professionalism. Being appropriately dressed can bring with you an aura of confidence, trustworthiness, and appeal.   So save that frilly diaphanous dress to the party instead of wearing it at the office.

First dates are exciting and can be the make or break to a prospective future relationship.  So if you want to make the first impression last, come up with the outfit that is in accordance to the occasion and the place where you are going.  Put together wardrobes that are neat, comfortable, refined and make you feel good about yourself.   Do not overdo the make-up and complement the entire package with the appropriate accessories. Never over emphasize on sex appeal and avoid wearing provocative and reveal outfits.

Remember, always dress appropriately for the occasion and environment.  So for very important and special occasions, always put careful thought to make that right impression last.  Dress to impress and discover that when you feel beautiful on the outside you will feel so much better on the inside. If you are looking for more fashion tips and what color combinations are perfect, we can help you. We also specialize in African-American fashion and beauty resources; find out more at and


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