Thursday, March 17, 2011

Color Me Beautiful: Make-up Tips for African-American Women

It is wise to know that certain colors can flatter our complexion and enhance our best features.  With the advent of the many make-up lines offering collections for lighter to darker hues, choosing suitable make-up for African-American complexion is no longer challenging and difficult.  Before we start searching for the colors that might look good on us, here are a few tips to knowing which hues can color us beautifully.

Here are a few questions to ask before choosing the make-up that will work for you:
1. What is the color of your skin?
African-American complexion ranges from light coffee shade to very dark hue and a shade somewhere in between.
2. What is your skin’s undertone?
Check beyond your skin’s color and you will know your skin’s undertones.  Dark ebony complexions normally have cool undertones while those with brown or caramel complexions usually have warmer undertones.
3. What is your skin type?
While colors play a major role, it is important to know if your skin type is oily, dry or normal.

Now let’s start playing with colors.

Choose a formula that will suit the type of coverage perfect for you.  For lighter skin, golden yellow base works magic while for medium brown skin reddish-yellow shade is best. For very dark once, use the one with bluish undertones.  For those with uneven skin tones, blend the two foundations for light and dark hues to attain a natural effect.  For normal to oily skin, water based liquid foundation works best while cream formulas is suitable for those with normal to dry skin.  Remember that a good foundation should feel like your natural skin and never like a mask.

Blush or Bronzer
Choose the color that radiates your inner glow.  For warmer undertones, it is best to use bronzers.  Mauves and purples can set-off medium-dark complexions while peaches, caramel or honey can flatter light to medium brown complexion.

Eye Shadows
Deep plums look marvelous on medium brown skin.  A pale dust of pinks and apricots shadows adds beauty to women with lighter skin.  For those with cool undertones, chocolates and taupe shadow’s creates wonders.  Blending is the technique to achieving the best color for the eyes.

For lighter complexions, shades of light pink, peach, taupe and red are advisable.  For medium brown hues, try the following colors of deep pink, bronze, magenta, brown and red as well.  For dark and rich complexions, try deep red, fuchsia, chocolate brown and bronze.  These are only tips; you can always experiment and see for yourself that other shades might just be stunning on you.

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