Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Do The African American Women Maintain Their True Beauty

Looking after the skin of  African American women

Black is a radiantly beautiful color; something which even the white skinned people cannot achieve, not even with all the beauty treatments offered to them. True, the skin of an African American women needs regular care and each season calls for a different kind of treatment. When you know what kind of skin you have it is very easy to enhance it. Eating the right kind of diet and drinking lots of water will be a great help because it will keep your skin nourished by replacing all the lost nutrients. But that is not enough especially during the seasonal changes. To create that sensual appeal African American women will have to maintain their skin really well.

It is not easy to create a flawless complexion. All African American women are truly beautiful in their own right but still they have to take care of it. Discolorations and wrinkles can happen when you lose the moisture in the skin, and this is especially true for African American women. That's why they have to keep their skin moisturized.

The face of  African American women

Everything about the face of an African American woman is in perfect co-ordination with one another. The eyes, eyebrows, nose chin, cheeks, mouth, lips and ears – are all perfectly balanced.  African American women have beautiful eyebrows and they define it even further by keeping it thicker and bushier. The  African American women trace a line along the eyebrows to accentuate its shape and give it a kind of irresistible beauty.

The hair of  African American women

African American women have some interesting and charming hairdos. They take special care to keep their hair braided so they don't have to untie it and wash it everyday. If you love to try out some African-American hairdo you can easily visit a salon that specializes in such hairstyles.

In the ancient times, hair grooming was an art and it signified a lot of things like ethnicity, wealth, social status, health, fertility, manhood and so on. The mother taught the craft of hair braiding to her daughters.

It is the beauty of the  African American woman that first attracts her to a man. The skin, color, texture and tone, the way the hair is managed and kept, the face make up, her figure and the way she is dressed; everything is important if she wants to be successful and confident.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Tips While Buying African American Wedding Dresses

Getting married? Have you thought about your wedding attire? Of course, every girl right from her youngest years will dream of wearing a wedding gown that will make her extremely beautiful. She wants to be more beautiful than anyone else in the whole world that day. Not only beautiful but different too. So how are you going to be both beautiful and different on your wedding day? You must for wedding dresses that are just gaining prominence these days. How about African American wedding dresses; check them out at www.afrawear.com and you will know how they can make you exquisite. 

Have you thought of a theme for the African American wedding dresses? If you have a theme for the wedding then you can naturally incorporate that into the  African American wedding dresses. It will make the event more enjoyable and memorable. There are some ethnic gowns that will make your day. The  African American wedding dresses are made with the finest fabrics from Africa and so they will make you vibrant and lovely. They are handwoven with a great deal of love and care and they will last long; really long. You can preserve the African American wedding dresses for future use so even your kids can wear them if they like.

These African American wedding dresses will reflect your personality and style. If you are a bit on the heavy side you can easily go for plus size  African American wedding dresses. Go for the ball wedding gowns that will hide the wideness of your hips. Let it have a detailed bodice because it will draw attention to your face and eyes. Most of the African American wedding dresses are made well and they highlight the best portions of your body. All you need to do is make a sensible choice and buy one of them.

When you buy your African American wedding dresses, make sure you receive them a few weeks prior to the wedding date. It is because if you have any alterations to be made, you still have ample time to do the alterations. It will prevent last minute tensions and you will have the perfect dress to wear.

Plan your wedding in style this season and look your glamorous best by choosing one of the African American wedding dresses from www.afrawear.com. It is your day and you can afford to be a bit extravagant. But the biggest surprise is that you can buy stunning African American wedding dresses for really good prices. You don't even have to pool into your savings.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Will African American Hairstyles Look Good On You?

Once you have settled on a good dress for a party, then the next thing to concentrate on is a good hairstyle. Everybody has a bad hair day; it is quite natural that your hair will not stay in place especially when you are getting ready to attend a party. Check out some of the models at www.afrawear.com for some interesting hairstyles. African American hairstyles are really interesting and they will make you glorious and stunning. Many of the African American hairstyles have their origins in Africa

Just because you are not proud of your complexion doesn't mean you should not try out some African American hairstyles this season and still look good in them. You can decide how you want to wear your hair, but for that you need to understand the type of hair you possess. Is your hair curly, straight, short, long or wavy?What type of African American hairstyles will look good on you? There are various African American hairstyles that you can try and still look your fabulous best. The only thing is you need to know how to do them the right way.

Understand the shape of your face and the color of your hair before you try African American hairstyles. There are some interesting African American hairstyles that you can whip up quickly. Normally, the elaborate African American hairstyles will take up a lot of time and you cannot afford to spend that much time on your hair, especially if you are going out to work.

You can make your hair super short so managing them will be extremely easy. It is also called the Rihanna style where there are short spiky bangs that come down to the eyes and it has become one of the most popular African American hairstyles in the world. If you have long hair and find it too curly then you can straighten it by using hair relaxants. Most of the straight hairs seen in African American hairstyles have made use of these relaxants. You can do it at home or get a hair relaxant kit if you don't have the time to visit a salon. Most of the African American hairstyles can be tried at home if you love experimenting with your hair. Watch the hairstyles of the following celebrities and you can learn a lot- Patti LaBelle, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce Knowles and Halle Berry.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Importance Of Fabrics In African American Fashion

The fashion industry in the world now attaches a great deal of importance to African American fashion. Many of the fashion designers from Africa are stunning the world with intricate designs and unique patterns. The refreshing designs in African American fashion have become a must in every person’s wardrobe, especially if you are looking for something new. To have a glimpse of some beautiful African Fashion clothing you must visit www.afrawear.com.

If you observe the fashion market around you, it is evident that African fabric is gaining prominence and African American fashion is in vogue. The charm in African American fashion cannot be disregarded and they will add more spice to your outfit. When you look at the African American clothes it may seem a bit complicated and loose fitting but actually they are extremely comfortable, easy to wear and durable. Here are three common, but extremely popular fabrics used for African American fashion.

Aso-Oke Fabric – This is a fabric made by the people of Yoruba. They live in south-west Nigeria and hand weave the fabric to perfection. When you buy clothes from Africa, you promote not only African American fashion, but also the local weavers who are behind the creation. This fabric is mainly cultivated during the damp period – June-July. There are three different types of Aso-Oke fabric and these are rampantly used in African American fashion – Etu, Sanyan and finally Alaari which is found in expensive clothes.

Kente  - Is the perfect blend of cotton and silk and is prepared by the people of Ghana. They have come up with a whole new weaving tradition that is evidently seen in African American fashion. You will find that Kente holds an important position in the social, religious and financial culture in Africa. To get authentic Kente you have to buy clothes in the African American fashion line; all others are fake.

Ewe cloth – Has certain similarities with kente cloth. There are two types of ewe cloth; the first kind is worn by people who are rich, so they can afford to wear elaborately designed clothes. The second type of ewe cloth is made from cotton and is much simpler. Both these fabrics can be seen in the clothes found in African American fashion.

The original African Fashion clothing at www.afrawear.com will bring out the true essence in you. Wear what you are confident in; it will reflect in your personality. African American fashion clothes will bring out the best in you no matter what the occasion it is.
Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Attracts You To African American Dresses

When you have a party you need to wear something that will catch the eye of many people. It should fit you well, hide your flaws and enhance the best features in your body. It is not an easy task to find a dress that will complement your figure, skin tone, eye color, hair color and so on. The latest styles available from www.afrawear.com will showcase some interesting designs in African American attire. Actually there are so many varieties of African American dresses that you will not have to search hard for something that will suit you.

Probably the main thing that attracts you to African American dresses is the fact that they last longer than other clothes. Even the colors wont fade, since they use only natural dyes for the clothes. The bewildering array of styles, prints and designs in African American dresses is witness to that. The perfect blend of traditional designs and contemporary patterning is evident in almost all the African American dresses. The aristocracy in Africa lived in glorified dresses embellished with metals, elaborate embroidery and intricate jewels. You can expect this trend in most of special occasion African American dresses. You can buy some of the finest African American dresses made with original fabric obtained from Africa. Different clans inside Africa produce these fabrics and they have their own ingenious methods of producing them. The dyes used in African American dresses are mostly taken from natural resources and no artificial colors or preservatives used. So these dresses are ideal for kids too. 

All the gorgeous African American dresses portray the close relationships Africans have with nature. They are so rich and stunning that you cannot duplicate them; so if you are looking for standard African American dresses you will have to go for the original ones. For example, the Aso oke fabric is woven by the Yoruba people, the Kente cloth by Ashanti and Ewe people and Brocade fabric from Guinea and so on.  They will be perfect for your skin and you are not likely to have any allergies.

If you are very particular about your tastes and not easily appeased, then you will certainly be impressed with the new styles seen at www.afrawear.com. The prices offered for African American dresses are extremely affordable and the store will ship the dresses to your home as soon as possible. You will find beautifully designed African American dresses complete with headgear and all. So what are you waiting for?
Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More About The Textiles Involved In African American Dress

Creativity is the byword of African dress styles and they have a major influence over African American dress patterns. This can be clearly seen at www.afrawear.com. Most of the fabrics with which these dresses are made are hand made products which is why you will find a uniqueness in each of the African American dress. They undergo a great deal of processing before they are made into clothes. The processing for African American dress is also done by hand. First they are hand-woven into strips of clothing; most of the time these strips will be white. Then the fabric will be dyed and soaked in a different solution which will change its color. The solution is mainly juice from trees and plants.  Once the cloth is given its colors, dyes are imprinted on it; the colors they use for the dyes are also perfectly natural. For example, if you are looking for an African American dress made from mud cloth, you can see that the mud is taken from the deepest portions in a pond. The mud is then left for fermentation for about a year. Once the fermentation period is over, the mud, which will be black by then will used for designing fabrics.

You will see that there are three main fabrics from which African dresses are made. They are adinkra, adire and kente. Usually, the designers make use of one of these fabrics to create an African American dress. Adinkra is a kind of printed cloth made by a particular tribe that lives in Ghana. If you are looking for a bright and vivid African American dress, then adinkra is the best choice. Adire is much more easily available in Africa, and the best adire is obtained from Nigeria. Meanwhile, if you want an authentic kente fabric for your African American dress, then you must check whether the fabric came from Ghana or Togo.

If you are looking for a good African American dress, then go for one of the above mentioned fabrics. It will add durability and credibility to the African American dress that you buy.

Not only that, an African American dress will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can wear an African American dress to parties, shopping, holidays and casual events. The African dress styles at www.afrawear.com have interesting choices; you will find a new pattern each time you go shopping. And you get original material at this store. 

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