Friday, April 1, 2011

Can’t Get Enough of Afrawear

Part 2: Irresistible Finds @ Afrawear

Afrawear never cease to surprise me!  They’ve got all the best and most exquisite pieces I am just dying to have.  Sshhhh… I’m at it again!  So what is it this time?  I’m talking about some ornate accessories to brighten up your days, flourish every ordinary dress, and some twinkling gems to transform just about any look. They are just as unique and captivating as it can get.  Wait no more as I will show you each of my favorite pieces.
So a special occasion is coming up and you can’t decide which dress to wear.  Here’s a hint: work yourself backward starting from this beautiful set of gems.  You will definitely be the envy of all the fashionistas in town!  This is really gorgeous and just about the right size to play ladylike in whatever outfit you can come up with after you’ve seen this.  Need I elaborate more? Or you’ve already figured out the right dress?

And now you have that perfect white dress, and you thought maybe you need a zest of color.  This one is just right for you; the vivid blue accent simply elevates the classic dress.  The glittering accents is just the ideal amount of drama to make that statement.

Are you planning to wear that hot tube dress anytime soon? I can’t think of a better way to glamorize it than this lovely bib necklace.  This great embellishment is a great highlight to any delicate and sexy outfit.  And by the way, this accessory is not only eye-catching; it will draw attention to your face.  Meaning, this is a good piece to start a good conversation.

Have you been meaning to wear that solid colored dress but couldn’t find the right accessory to add a perfect jolt?  This is indeed the serious piece of sumptuous jewelry that can go well with it.  Exactly the right kind of accessory that can make you feel effortlessly sophisticated and beguiling.

Accessorize, that’s the simplest, fun, and affordable way to amplify and update your wardrobe.

Hey, before I forget, they are all available online at Facebook! And if you want to know more, check also Twitter.


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