Friday, April 1, 2011

Irresistible Finds @ Afrawear

Shopping anytime soon?  Trying to figure out the right balance between hard-core urban style and traditional basics?  Sometimes the basics can make you surprisingly sexy, and sometimes you need a good urbanized ensemble to keep up with today’s trends.  Well, I found both in one store and I am just as happy to blab about it. Since I don’t want to keep the excitement all to myself I will share with you some amazing finds and must-haves that every African-American girl out there shouldn’t live without.

This dress says sexy in every way, is this urban or basic?  It’s a balance of both.  Its fine V-neck pattern complemented with full exquisite tie-die print and sheer wide sleeves exudes nothing but “sheer elegance”.  It’s flowing, breezy, and feminine design is an expression of true grace, beauty, and exoticism.  This is one piece of clothing that’s both dressy and comfy and I can surely flaunt it with ease.  It is not too tight fitting and it flows really well with every stride.  Plus the fabric is so soft and gentle.  Oh I just love it!

This one is a traditional basic and currently my favorite piece of practical and most comfortable clothing.  It is what I call “rustic elegance”.    The colors and prints are just beyond perfection to liven up a gloomy day.  It’s fun and exciting to wear this top.  I can pair it with any bottom from leggings to cowboy shorts and I can unbelievably pull it off pretty well.  What’s more, I can wear it anywhere, from the beach to the mall.  So I guess, it meets urban half-way.

The color complements perfectly to my ebony skin!  The intricate patterns are so pretty and a real work of art.   This is what I call “casual elegance”.  I can wear it with about any errand and it’s suitable enough with any occasion if I add a twist of accessories to go along with it.

I love shopping.  And isn’t it great to do that at the comforts of our own homes?  It is extremely convenient and it offers unparalleled products to choose from.  So much has been said but one thing’s for sure, it’s amazing to realize that the greatest freedom in fashion is to know that you have a choice…

Are you an online shopper?   Do you want to share your online shopping experience?  I’d be delighted to hear from you.  Check also Facebook and Twitter for more catches from Afrawear.


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