Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fashionable Scents

I’m going to veer a little wayward from my usual fashion blogs today. It’s been a long and tough week and I want to do something light and scented.  It doesn’t have to be the most expensive bottle that makes you smell good; finding the right scent for you may only mean exploring every scent there is possible (may it be from that nearby drugstore or the posh store!).

Oftentimes, we don’t just get noticed because of what we wear, we get the most complements because of how good we smell.  A perfume can be an attention catcher.  It is the invisible and mysterious proportion we add to our wardrobe creating a haunting beauty that keeps people wondering what has crossed them.

First, you have to know when to wear perfumes.  If you intend to go to the cinema and you are forced to sit with other people for hours, please have the decency to wear something very very light to leave some air (or go scentless if it’s really jam-packed). People might just hate you for wearing that strong Poison!  If you are going to a party, give yourself an ideal touch up of that fruit-cocktail fragrance.  If you are headed for work, but it might depend on which type of work you have, imagine the aura that you want to project – it can be the fresh one or it can be the intellectual one.

Try not to stick to your usual paradigms when it comes to perfumes.  Say, if you are flirty and want to smell flirty all the time then that makes your boring.  Try to surprise yourself by wearing something floral and fresh!  If you are the luxuriant one, try something you think is not too pricey.  And if you are the most feminine one, try something more masculine.  Who knows, your new scent might just be the best one that works for you.

Don’t just buy a perfume because you liked it on someone else, get one that satisfy your liking and what it does to your moods and how it suits your lifestyle.  So whenever you think of the perfect dress to wear for that occasion, never forget to wear that seemingly invisible piece of fashion – the fragrance.  


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