Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dress Up with a Scarf

Scarves have always enamored me in so many ways.  It is some sort of magic on how a piece of fabric can simply transform an outfit to an entirely new look and appeal.  Scarves can be made of any fabric and can come in a multitude of colors, patterns, designs, and sizes.    In ancient times, a scarf was not always used to make a fashion display or as piece to add warmth, it was of symbolic importance to society and military. Its meaningful past has found its way to this day.   There are just a lot of things and endless possibilities we can do with it and the innovation never stops.   

Cut the Chill
Keep warm while holding the look of understated elegance by wrapping your neck once or twice with a scarf.  You can also try different variations of twists to come up with something stylish that can complement any necklines.  A well chosen scarf will not only keep you warm, it can add a zest of personality and artistry to your wardrobe while keeping you chic and comfortable all through the breezy months.

A Jolt of Color
When you don’t need more warmth in the summer months, a brightly colored scarf can be used as a belt to liven up a pair of casual shorts or jeans.  It can instantly jazz up and add a touch of color and versatility to that boring bottom.  Are you fond of bold colors but you’re afraid to pull off a dress or top swathe with it? A vibrant scarf in any color of your preference over a black or neutral wardrobe can finish that look just as perfectly.

The Perfect Wrap
Whether you need a good wrap to protect or hair or be simply stylish, a good scarf will serve its purpose aesthetically.  You can either wrap it around your head and tie a knot behind the ear and let the ends of the scarf fall gloriously through the shoulders.  It’s simple, stunning, and effortlessly sophisticated.

Do you know of many more ways to use a scarf? Post something; I would appreciate your ideas.   Check out Facebook for a wide selection of the scarves.  For the latest trends on African Fashions, check also Twitter.   


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