Monday, April 11, 2011

8 Things Every African-American Lady Must Own

Here’s my list of necessities that no wardrobe should be without.  Grab them and the rest of pieces should be easier to decide.

1. Printed Scarf
One of the most inexpensive and interesting ways to liven up and elevate any outfit is the addition of a printed scarf.  Some beautiful pieces perfect for you are readily available online.   For a feminine finish and pretty touch up, make sure you have this in your wardrobe.

2. Classic sunglasses
A nice pair of classic sunglasses never goes out of style.  It can wrap up a look that’s both functional and versatile.

3. Tailored black blazer
A black blazer is a fashion staple that you shouldn’t pass off.    It can exude a fine finish of womanly authority and corporate elegance.

4. A piece of culture and heritage
While we want our everyday look to be as interesting as possible, we want something that’s decidedly African to be the perfect ensemble wherever and whenever the occasion calls for it.  Afrawear has the biggest and widest selections you can choose from.

5. Little White Dress
It’s not all about the little black dress that every woman must have.  While black is beautiful and safe for everyone, for your ebony complexion, swathe yourself with the sweet sophistication of this achromatic hue.  Find a dress with the detail to make it more unique and stunning, like an embellished neckline, accentuated belt, or interesting sleeve.  And if white is too revealing for you, try some exciting shades of cream, off-white and ivory.

6. Comfy flats
Do you have a pair of the most comfortable flats to cushion your feet any time of the day and through the night?  Get yourself a pair of metallic flats to glam up almost every pretty piece of outfit in your closet.

7. Statement Necklace
You can be stylish anytime with an ideal dose of signature elegance to add an unexpected edge of glamour to your favorite attire.  Check out some beautiful pieces online.

8. Printed Top
It is always great to have a nice top that can liven up any day and add color to any boring wardrobe.  It is perfect underneath a cardigan or peeking out from under a blazer.

There you have it – 8 things that every African-American lady must own.  So if you don’t have them all, think about it!  Or do you have a piece that you think deserves to be in this list?  Share it and I would be delighted to add them in…


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