Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fearless Prints

“I love prints, oh I love them all, and I can’t get enough of them. But how can I pull off a look that is not revolting and a total boo-boo?”  Simple, try the African prints.   Satisfy the insatiable you with the colorful, meaningful and exquisite patterns of the African fabric - from the traditional kente prints, cotton batiks and tie-dyes, metallic cotton prints, and the mud cloth textiles.

The most widely known and best quality African prints are purely made of cotton.  Cotton, being durable and absorbent can produce the most vibrant, extra-ordinary and lasting prints.  Traditionally, textile makers used natural dyes made from mineral peats and soils from deep down the earth.  The colors are products of pepper reds, vibrant indigos, and brilliant saffron.  The designs are hand printed using hand carved wooden blocks of intricate details.  A single textile of African print comprises of the amazing color combinations making African fabric unique, versatile, and beyond parallel.

African-print motifs are extravagantly splashed on everything from multi-layered print mini-dress to couture evening gowns, giving African fashion an exceptional leap to mainstream fashion.  Inspired by the heritage of Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Mali, designers are merging the colors and prints to create the hip and contemporary styles of Western realities.   Don’t you just love to see your favorite stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, Kelis, Solange and Fergie storm the fashion world with great pride in their own garb of distinctive and stylish African prints? Who isn’t proud to be African?
It’s time to celebrate your true African elegance.  Don’t be left behind and explore a fashion that’s as exotic as its origin.  Some collections from will surely fulfill your perpetual desires for prints in all its wonders.  It’s a haven for brightly colored batiks, geometric traditional prints, and patterns with Authentic African twists.

Do you often find yourself seeing people rolling their eyes in obvious criticism with your careless choice of prints?  Worry no more – African fashions ( have all the finest selections just for you.  Are you a print savvy? Are you a fearless African-American fashionista?  We have a lot in store for you, check out and  I want to hear your own style, share it and make everybody look as fabulous as you are.  


Fashion Sista said...

You are so right! Prints can work when they're done properly and you've shown so many awesome ways to do them. LOVE those clothes!!!

African Fashions said...

Thank you Sista! I'm pretty sure you will look good in 'em...

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