Friday, March 25, 2011

Care for the African-American Hair

Managing a springy, wavy, spirally and kinky crown can sometimes be a daunting ordeal.  With a lot of help from beauty products and media resources, we find ourselves in the middle of choosing which product to choose and which technique would be best.   But here is what I have to say, all these years I learnt a lot of techniques and methods on shampooing, conditioning, and styling, but the best method that I have proven to work best was to LOVE my hair.

An African-American hair can range from being mildly wavy and curly, tight spiral curls, tight zigzag waves or the extremely springy spiral kinkiness.  I will not tell you to alter your Afro-textured hair by perming or relaxing or what have you so you can look hip and fashionable.  What I will try to tell you, I mean, attempt to do here is to teach you how to care for your hair.  And to do that, you have to first know a few things about your black, curly hair.

Black hair is very fragile and prone to breakage.  So touch your hair gently and choose a wide tooth comb tooth for your hair.  A natural boar brush is also recommended since the natural bristles are easy on hair avoiding unnecessary breakage and tearing.  In washing hair, avoid extra pulling and tugging and do not rub the towel through your hair to dry it.  One little trick that works wonders is using a satin pillow case while sleeping to avoid tangling and stress when you toss and turn.

Black hair needs moisture and more moisture. It’s a must, so never go without any moisturizer or conditioner when you wash your hair and make sure that your shampoo can replace natural hair oil like shea butter or coconut oil.  Avoid using products with petroleum and mineral oil as these types of oil clogs the pores resulting to loss of natural hair moisture.  Remember that the kinkier your hair is, the more moisture it requires.

American-American hair is utterly gorgeous and stunning with the right care and attention. So start loving your locks, take an extra mile to learn the right way to care for your hair, and it will LOVE you back.

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