Sunday, March 13, 2011

African Beauty: Tricks and Tips

As befits African sensibility, African beauty is one of great interest highlighting effortless curly hair and wearable looks that are never boring.  You can always experiment with color judiciously and illumes those challenging looks that no other race can.  Beauty comes in different colors, conformations, and features.

The Hair
Being gifted with a unique set of curly black hair, extra care must never be taken for granted.  The hair is the crowning glory of every woman regardless of race.  For healthy black curly hair, always use an ample amount of conditioner and regularly maintain hair treatments.  Stay away from excessive oils and gels as it will likely cause acne and dandruff problems.   Comb your hair regularly to maintain that beautiful shine.

The Face
Wash your face with a gentle gel cleanser morning and night.  For oily and sensitive skin, use a toner or astringent that is free of alcohol.   Choose a foundation that makes the black skin tones look natural and flawless.  Yellow undertones are most usually suitable for dark skin.  For black women, blushes in shades of purples and browns work best.  Pinks and peaches can also look garish and can create a paler complexion.  Bronzing powder may also just be the perfect thing to create that perfect glow.  Applying blushes the proper way can do the trick.  Start on the cheek and softly through the temples.  To highlight your best features and added contours, apply a small amount of blush on the T-zone which includes the forehead, nose, and chin.

The Eyes
To moisturize the skin around the eyes, apply eye cream at all times to prevent those dark circles, eye bags and early wrinkles.  For the perfect eye shadows, try a thick plum to focus attention on the eyes without sweeping over the rest of the facial colors.  Shades of blue and purple are best for cooler complexions while greens and browns complement those warmer skin tones. To define the eyes, use black or gray eyeliners.  Use blue eyeliner to emphasize those big brown eyes. 

The Lips
Dark tones create visions of larger lips while lighter shades give that minimalist effect.  For black women, deeper shades of reds and plums have the ability to draw attention to those big lips.

Never limit yourself to conform to what the world defines as beautiful.  Love yourself and always remember beauty is skin deep.   Eat right, drink enough fluids, have enough sleep, and drink some vitamins to keep that lasting beauty hold up to a lifetime.  A classic and modern African beauty can best be complemented with a traditional African fashion.  Follow us at to know more about African beauty and the latest trends of African fashion.


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