Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Want to Shake Up Your Personal Style?

Have you tried to dress up a personal style that embodies your expression and exemplifies a fashion sense that’s truly you?  Being black is beautiful and we can always rock a different look that’s absolutely unique and stylish.    

There are quite many elements to choosing a style that fits African-American beauty perfectly.  Decisions, decisions, decisions… You may want to meet a certain degree of expectation; you may want to stand out or to blend in… But before you want to shake up your personal style, try to ponder some thoughts to avoid making the wrong impression.

-Be you, be African, do not hesitate to dress in style… at the appropriate occasion and environment. The dashiki is of course casual, can be simple or luxuriant, fabulous for any occasions.  But obviously, the African brocade deserves a place for those very special celebrations.   It’s a reminder of your African connection…so glam it up and wear it right.

-Be creative, flare in style but do not set yourself apart from your peers.  For a start, crown yourself with a simple head gear, save the elaborate damask gele for important occasions. It’s an expression of beauty, spirituality and culture in a tiny piece of African cloth.
-Be traditionally fashionable.  Who says you can’t pull off a caftan number?  And who says loose is not gorgeous? Get away with those thoughts of self doubt and challenge yourself to try it and trust me, you will be surprised with the results.

-Be experimental, break up your matches.  You might surprise yourself with the new “you” you can come up with!  Perhaps that African mud cloth skirt can get away with its usual companion…

-Be intriguing, build a look backwards.  What do I mean?  Start off with that intriguing piece of African accessories, an interesting set of bangles and bracelets or patterned scarves.  Build your look around those pieces.  Think in a different way and unleash that spectacular look.
Is your wardrobe working for you or is it full of unbearable memories?  We welcome your thoughts; we would love to feature your personal style, or we can help you put together a style that’s fab and never drab, so hop in, post a comment… There’s more to share, check out,, or


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