Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finding the Perfect Accessory for the African-American Hair

Tired of your constant parade of tresses, dreadlocks, braids, plaits, and twists?  It’s about time that you give your hair that well deserved accessory to enhance its beauty.  Glamorizing the hair is one of the many fashion joie de vivre of a lady.  Finding the right accessories for the African-American hair is never difficult if you know what you are looking for.   So no matter how you want to wear your hair, there are plenty of accessories that can create wonders to your usual look.

Hair accessories can come in many styles, shapes, colors, and meanings.  Finding the best hair accessory for the African-American locks is made easy with some of our tips:

  • Mix and match hair accessory with the similar style of jewelry.  So for example, if you don on a dazzling and exquisite beaded pendant, try matching a dash and glitter of beaded hair stick.
  • If you want to attain a laid back and natural look, try using hair accessories embellished with shells, pearls or wooden accents.  This will give you a more earthy and approachable look.
  • Find that extra unique piece of hair accessory that you cannot get your eyes off.  If the looks are enchanting to you, then they are surely as captivating on your tresses.  This could be a beautiful and unique set of hair comb or hair clip that comes with interlacing rhinestones.  So if you have it, work backwards on your wardrobe starting with that distinctive accent.
  • Check the strength and durability of the hair piece.  It must be strong enough to put up a bun that can keep your hair in place through the demands of any occasion.  You certainly don’t want your tresses suddenly covering your face in the middle of a conversation.
  • For elastic materials to pull the hair up or add colors to the braid, make sure that it’s flexible enough and does not tear or tug the hair.  Remember how delicate your African hair is.

Do you have that piece of hair accessory that works magic on you? Do you have more tricks to create that amazing look?  I welcome your ideas and suggestions. Drop a post.  Craving for more of African fashions and chitchat? There’s a lot online specially made for you.


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