Monday, March 21, 2011

Colors to Impress

While it is a common cliché to dress up to impress, colors also play a vital role in making the right impression.  Colors have a powerful way of bearing upon impressions of intelligence, approachability, effectiveness, credibility, and status.  This goes to say that we will try to transcend not only the common dilemma of choosing the right attire but also the right colors for all occasions.  Not only do we want to use colors that complement our ethnicity, we want to create impact and convey the right impression.

Wear black if you want to exude an image of authority, confidence, strength, and mystery.  Black makes you appear slimmer and brings out an appearance of style and sophistication.

Dress in gray if you want to portray a timeless and artistic appearance.  Dark gray also comes out as serious, intellectual, and authoritative.

Pink is feminine and gives and appearance of docility, tranquility and romanticism.  It is sweet, edgy, and calming.

Dark blue can also demonstrate authority and responsibility.  Blue by itself means dependability, loyalty, strength and consistency.

Purple is the color of royalty.  Purple is energetic, aggressive and shows an image of sophistication, creativity, luxury and wealth.  However, it does not create an impact of professionalism as much as black, dark gray and dark blue.

Wear green if you want to feel lucky, refreshed, and stressed free.  Green has the effect of nature, friendliness, harmony and peace.

Wear yellow if you want to look exciting, timid, and unforgettable.

Orange exudes enthusiasm, warmth and desire.

Wear red if you want to appear aggressive, dangerous, sexy, and intense.

If you want to look neat, pure, refined, dignified and fresh, white is perfect.

White, pink, yellow and green may complement well with the African-American skin, but remember that if you want to make an impression, mix and coordinate it with colors of meaning.   Now that you know the perceptions on colors, wear color wisely to convey the message that you want to express.  If you are interested to know more about color coordination and color effects, stay tuned and give us your feedback.   Find us at and


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