Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Big sexy and the fashionable plus size clothing-encouragement to African woman

TLC, a learning channel has done us great by recently airing an exclusive series which involves five plus size women, their adventures, struggles, and victories in fashion industry. The big sexy was the best hit for a good season, and reason, especially considering the African woman. It took candid look at the fashionable plus size clothing world and how it has affected the lives of women who are involved in it.

In the last episode, aired on September, a photo shoot was made in Miami for the group wearing swim wear and bikinis. One of them, (Nikki) who despite being a fashionable plus size clothing model never thought of being shot beside size 2 models, though had reservations, accepted the shot. Fact is that she also never wore a bikini before, but the shot looks fabulous with her confident curvy diva, carrying her with poise and grace.

After the shot, these girls headed for the beach and found hunky guys to play volleyball. The show was entertaining and showed lots of real moments of the doubts and victory the women went through. All of the big five were wearing plus size clothing which made them look good, or should we say better than the thinner women out there, and above all, they just played the ignorance. One of the girls disclosed that they had a good time in Miami Beach bar, where they were pulled up; one-by-one by the hunky dancers on stage. It showed one thing, they looked superceedingly beautiful with the plus size clothing, despite their size. Or do you think the hunky dancers would go for them, if there was no attraction between them?

Confidence is one characteristic that the women shared. They had looked into the world in the eye and had no excuse nor apologize of what their size was. They had worn plus size clothing with the style and grace, providing unique style on each of them. This has reminded me of the African region, which is fairing well with especially considering the case of the big women. This series should help you understand and give you confidence in letting the world know that the big size is what you are, and that you are proud of it. If you have confidence on the plus size clothing you wear, and make sure they are the right ones for the best reason, nothing should make you feel intimidated or down. You will make the world change, in terms of fashion beliefs and beauty.

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