Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Choosing Colors For African American Attire

The African American women vary a lot in their color hues. There are women with dark complexions to the light caramel complexion. It is so important that you find African American attire that will reflect your skin and complement your skin tone. The dress that you wear should make you extremely confident and stylish. If you wear colors that makes you dull then avoid them. You can see some interesting collection of African American attire at www.afrawear.com.

Here are some tips on how to choose African American attire to bring out the best in you.

Do you know that certain colors will make you dull, tired and even silly at times? You should be perfectly aware of what will go with your eyes, color and skin tone before you choose African American attire, or any attire for that matter. It will take time because you will have to experiment to know what kind of colors in the African American attire catalog will suit you. You can ask your fashion designer or consultant to find out which color will be ideal for your complexion. If you have chocolate complexion then go for white, black or cherry red, but avoid brown, ivory and orange if you can. These colors will set off a certain glow to your face but it will not look good. You will definitely find gorgeous  African American attire in purple shades. You can be dramatic with your choices in these colors because there are hundreds of African American attires.

There are excessive bright shades in  African American attire, but go for them only if you have a light caramel complexion. Brilliant colors will not look that good for dark shades. Caramel complexioned women should go for  African American attire in light pink, soft yellows, lilacs and ivory. If you are of African descent then you are lucky, because you will have a warm glow about you no matter what season it is. You can choose an  African American attire that will enhance this glow in you. Try some velvety shades for a change, it will make you absolutely stunning.

Be good, dress well and shop lavishly at www.afrawear.com. It is a sure thing that you will find dresses that will fit you well; no doubt about that. Their collection for good African American Attire is never ending, so you will have fun time.
Saturday, January 21, 2012

More About The Textiles Involved In African American Dress

Creativity is the byword of African dress styles and they have a major influence over African American dress patterns. This can be clearly seen at www.afrawear.com. Most of the fabrics with which these dresses are made are hand made products which is why you will find a uniqueness in each of the African American dress. They undergo a great deal of processing before they are made into clothes. The processing for African American dress is also done by hand. First they are hand-woven into strips of clothing; most of the time these strips will be white. Then the fabric will be dyed and soaked in a different solution which will change its color. The solution is mainly juice from trees and plants.  Once the cloth is given its colors, dyes are imprinted on it; the colors they use for the dyes are also perfectly natural. For example, if you are looking for an African American dress made from mud cloth, you can see that the mud is taken from the deepest portions in a pond. The mud is then left for fermentation for about a year. Once the fermentation period is over, the mud, which will be black by then will used for designing fabrics.

You will see that there are three main fabrics from which African dresses are made. They are adinkra, adire and kente. Usually, the designers make use of one of these fabrics to create an African American dress. Adinkra is a kind of printed cloth made by a particular tribe that lives in Ghana. If you are looking for a bright and vivid African American dress, then adinkra is the best choice. Adire is much more easily available in Africa, and the best adire is obtained from Nigeria. Meanwhile, if you want an authentic kente fabric for your African American dress, then you must check whether the fabric came from Ghana or Togo.

If you are looking for a good African American dress, then go for one of the above mentioned fabrics. It will add durability and credibility to the African American dress that you buy.

Not only that, an African American dress will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can wear an African American dress to parties, shopping, holidays and casual events. The African dress styles at www.afrawear.com have interesting choices; you will find a new pattern each time you go shopping. And you get original material at this store. 
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

African American Apparel To Define Your Style

When it comes to fashion you need to be different each time. African American apparel provides different styles. When you wear the right kind of clothes it will imbibe confidence in you and with it comes style. Buying traditional African clothing is a great idea because when it comes to colors, designs and styles you will get more than you desired. The biggest benefit of wearing African American apparel is that anybody can look good in them and there are hundreds of clothes that will fit your style. This is especially true when you visit www.afrawear.com for their African American attire.

Right from the 1950s American men have been influenced by the clothes worn by young African males. It soon became an important part of the American cultural scene. During the 2000 period, more and more people began to accept African people not just in their dressing style, but also in other styles as well. It could be due to the influence of basketball games which affected a large adolescent community in America. The African American apparel worn by the African American men and the shoes worn by them came to be the height of fashion during those days.

Now, African American apparel rake in a good percentage of market share for clothes. You will find a huge range of clothes in the African American apparel section. Party clothes, midis, gowns, work clothes – everything is easily available from African American apparel. World acclaimed designers have come up with trendy designs in African American apparel. The dazzling patterns and vivid color combinations are all set to woo a target segment that is keen on knowing more about African American apparel.
The rich fabrics include not just dresses, tops, skirts and jackets but a horde of other collections as well. The galaxy for African American apparel has come up with bright scarves, elaborate headgear, warm shawls, vibrant wraps and inspiring gowns. African American apparel is good for any occasion. You will look particularly different and unique when you wear these to occasions. Your attire speaks a lot about your nature, so if you are a free bird and would like to assert your presence in the social arena, what is stopping you?

To know about the latest trends in African American attire, you can visit www.afrawear.com. Their fashion catalogs are refreshed regularly so you will find a plethora of new designs and styles, especially for African American apparel.

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