Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Blunders

A Guide to a Fashionable You

Considering your outfit before heading to any occasion is a must if you want to put up a look that can grace you in every possible way.  Who would want to be tagged as the worst dresser in town?  Surely not you!    Fashion trends may be fleeting but fashion in itself is cynical.  Some people want to keep it safe but others want to experiment.   There are pieces that can be beautiful for a lifetime but there are those that never looked good in the first place.

So before you make that embarrassing fashion mistake, take heed to what we have to say.

-Pick a color that can flatter your skin tone.  While you want to try out a lot of colors, it is important to remember that not all colors may work on you.   For lighter skinned women, that little black dress gives an air of mystery.  For darker complexion, that little white dress is utterly amazing.  For women with cool undertones, blue, purple, lavender, and silver are best. For those with warm undertones, gold, yellow, orange, pink and cream are perfect.

-If you want to show some skin, do it the right way.  Try to keep everything subtle.  So if you want to wear that very skimpy skirt, try looking for a top that can cover the midriff area and complement it with a pair of boots.

-Do not overdo with prints.  Pairing different prints for top and bottom does not do the works.  So to make sure you don’t bedizen, avoid the mix and match of prints and patterns.

-Do not overplay with embellishments. While you want to look stunning with all the glitz and dazzles, putting too much from head to toe may just turn out to be a complete boo-boo.  So if you want to create a bedazzling effect, try to establish balance.

-Do not over accessorize.  Choose accessories that can complement your outfit and your style.  Accessories are supposed to accentuate the entire package, not conquer it.

-Avoid ill fitting clothes.  Never squeeze in a size 4 if you’re a 6!  Wearing your size will simply avoid those unforgiving muffin tops, belly bulge, and underarm cleavage.

Sure it can happen to celebrities, so much more to you too.  We may not be able to avoid it all the time but careful thought will surely works a long way.  If you want to keep up with the latest to African-American beauty and African fashion tips, log on at and


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