Monday, March 28, 2011

The Power of a Dress

The Working Woman Special – Fashion Power

While it’s been said that beauty can launch a thousand ships, dresses can make or break impressions and create a certain degree of power.  Working women of the 21st century has been instrumental in the advent of power dressing.  Some lifestyle would dictate the need for practical and authoritative wardrobes and some would command the need for style and poise.  While power dressing sometimes connotes a subdued angle of parody, I want to tackle more on the power of the dress that reflects a more relaxed approach regardless of the trappings of the society and status.  How can a working woman command a look that’s both flattering and graceful? We are looking for the style that plays simplicity and beauty without soaring to designer prices.

Yes, we do have our favorite working women role models.  On top of my list are Condoleezza Rice and Michelle Obama.  Michelle is a look of feminine power while Condi is the look of abysmal prowess. They are women of great character and they do make every African-American woman out there proud of their many accomplishments.  They are the epitome of real working women and makes power dressing a way of life.  It’s playing up the dress in the real world and choosing something that can speak for itself – a dress that would simply say “I walk the talk” or “I mean business here”.  Watch them and observe how they dress up and you’ll see what I mean.

Of course, we are not as high profile as them, but knowing the tricks of the trade would certainly go a long way. So how can we bring forth the power of a dress?
-Be smart, be true, and work a balance on those two.  First understand what suits you.
-Keep it bold and simple – but not flashy or ostentatious.
-Keep it glamorous but not set you apart from the crowd.
-Keep it chic but modest.
-Find alternatives to the traditional business suit, play with colors and prints for a more fresh and approachable look.
-Avoid fussy details; concentrate on an accessory that gives a signature look.

Luxury does not give power to the dress; it’s how you wear them that makes people believe that you mean everything you do, say, or act.  We can go on and explore more of the benefits that a dress can offer, but I will leave that to you as you venture more of fashion styles online.  Interested to keep an eye on fashion? See also Facebook and Twitter.


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