Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wearing African Clothes

Wearing African clothes is very prestigious to the black people of Africa and America. Most of the clothes that African and African American people wear are vibrantly colored and nicely designed. However, it is to admit in some countries where black people reside, there has been a replacement of these traditional clothes by European dresses. This is a big question if the other parts of the world where black people reside are going to adopt these western dresses casting away the thousand year old African clothes. However, in the northern part of Africa (Egypt for one) the conventional pinkish thongs worn by women there are basically influenced by the Middle Eastern culture and it will be obvious to you when you see the embroidered Jellabiya dresses. But the northwestern part of Africa is actually less influenced by the western culture and is still contented with antiquity. The very common and popular African clothe Djellaba has the same properties as the Dashiki, the Grand Boubou and the Kaftans.

Within Sahelian African continent, the actual Dashiki, Senegalese kaftan, and also the Grand boubou tend to be worn much more prominently, although not solely. The Dashiki is actually highly stylized and it is rendered by having an ornate V-shaped collar. In comparison with that, the Great Boubou is very simple, even much more than the actual Djellaba, although the color styles reach amazing proportions, especially one of the Tuareg, who are recognized for their superbly dyed indigo robes. The great majority of fabric produced within the African continent in the centuries had been simple designs made by combining the actual natural whitened (as well as sometimes beige) of the cotton fibers with stripes of numerous shades of indigo azure. Depending upon the relative density of the warp as well as weft posts, the ensuing cloths might have stripes down to the strip- warp faced-or over the strip –weft faced. They mainly wore the skin of the pet and a few times wove the actual fur right into a piece of clothing. You should remember a few things when you are planning on wearing African clothes. For example, putting on African clothes having socks in your feet has a tendency to expose a person and make you a beginner in your dressing design. You can all kinds of fashionable African clothes at


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