Wednesday, July 18, 2012

African print in fashion-a word with Akua Berko

MABM (Maa Akua Berko-Mensah) is a clothing label for all women of any shape and size. MABM was founded in 2011, as Berko tells us. Responding to the inquiry of how heritage influences or inspires his design, Berko says “as a Ghanaian born and raised, my culture and upbringing has the largest influence on what I design. Hence I use the African prints.”
APiF: if your label was a person, what kind of a person would it be?
Berko: that person would be an optimistic woman with character and dreams.
ApiF: what is your favorite closet piece in your collection and why?
Berko: I have a couple of pieces which I adore. Ine is the Limelight from my new collection. I love it because of its uniqueness and combination of the African Print and pastel cotton fabric. Apart from that, it works well with it. It’s a pencil skirt and peplum top.
People need to get fashion collections easily and with comfort, at least. How do you market your design and make them accessible to your audience out there?
Berko: I currently have a Facebook page and a website which I use to showcase and carry some of my ready-to-wear pieces.
What tips do you have for the start ups and new designers in this fashion industry?
Berko: my advice is that no one should bring you down. Have less room for obstacles and rather focus on your dreams and aspirations. It may not be easy, but as long as you have the capability to place yourself in a position of making it, no matter what, you will still make it.
ApiF: plans for this year?
Yeah, this year is great for us to move higher. We have a major show-Africa Fashion Week New York expected to take place on 13th July, where we shall be showcasing our new outfits and collections. In September, we shall also take part in a major show in Las Vegas Ankara Festival and some of our collections will be available for sale.


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