Tuesday, July 17, 2012

African fashion taking over London

Flowing unprecedented success of last years event, AWFL (Africa Fashion Week London) has now relocated to London Spitalfields, the recent winners of Best New Open Space award. 2012 event is scheduled to take place from the August 3rd-4th and is set to be bigger and better with larger venue, tons of exhibitors and fashion designers. It will also be featuring catwalks showcasing designs from the casual wear to elegant evening outfits, garments and accessories too.

AFWL is a teamed up exhibition which highlights the fashion industry premier, African designers and prints. It’s the first large event to showcase in UK and non-UK based seasons and emerging fashion designers from Africa. This event is open to all fashion designers from all nationalities who are inspired by the Africans designs. The glowing press reviews and high attendance in last years event have boosted the AFWL profile top captivate winder audience come this years event.

Last year’s show debuted with an impressive turn-out of over 4,000 attendees. The two day extravaganza created unparallel platform for more than 50 international designers to showcase their fashion collections. With the Olympics this year, its estimate4d that 7 Million London visitors are setting into the capital, with every one from every corner of the world focusing on what London has to offer.

AWFL is now at the front of capturing the surge of African inspired trends in fashion industry and time has come to highlight Africa as a front runner in international fashion community. This years event is hoped to each a higher magnitude. Be promoting African outfits globally, AWFL is hoping to integrate different African countries into the fashion industry and contribute to reducing the rate of poverty by developing fashion and textile industry, says Ronke Ademiluyi AWFL  CEO.

With a capacity of above 10,000 visitors, Spitalfields is seen as the perfect location for the 2-day fashion display.


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