Thursday, April 14, 2011

Endless Possibilities on Fashion Mix and Match

Mixing and matching fashion essentials are one sure way of enriching our wardrobe, plus it is one of the most economical ways of enhancing our outfits without hurting our budget.  It is just a matter of being creative and knowing when to coordinate colors, fabrics, patterns and styles.  Putting up a terrific look is not difficult and can be something even more gratifying.  You will be surprised with yourself at how fun it can be and how different and interesting some looks can become even if you have been using them a dozen times already.

For completely different looks every day, I have some few favorite ideas to help you get the most of your money and (sometimes limited!) wardrobes.

-The upper part of the body usually gets noticed more than the bottoms, so even if you wear different pants or shirt everyday but you wear the same cardigan (or same shade), then your everyday attire looks the same.  Yes you were mixing and matching, but you forgot the basic element that people notice more.  So in choosing tops, build up with the basic solid colors and move forward with the prints and patterns.

-Patterns and prints go well with a complementary solid colored top or bottom.  It can be tricky to mix and match them, but if you have loaded up on the basic colors, that wouldn’t be so difficult.  You can always create and recreate a charming number by matching a graphic skirt with any other neutral or solid color top.

-Dresses can be very difficult to do mix and match, but an equal amount of accessories like belts, scarves, and jewelries can completely transform the dress.  Plus always remember to style your hair differently every time for an added twist of variety.

If you are planning on shopping for dresses and fashion accessories any time soon - explore the many possibilities of choosing those that can build the basics and enhance the essentials.  One unique item that you can mix and match with a dozen pieces in your wardrobe will certainly give you a more versatile edge.


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