Friday, April 8, 2011

When Less is More

Part 2 on Fashion Blunders

More often than not, as we see people sashay across us, we take notice of their fashions sense, and little did we know that we also fall prey for this kind of thing.  Now what I am talking about? There is what I call the beauty in minimalism.  I’m no fashion maven, but isn’t it obvious when too much means too much? Elegance is neither trendy nor fussy, and making a statement is not just a parade of everything we have in our closet, it is the beauty that is timeless and chic.

I have already featured in my previous blog a few fashion faux pas to avoid, there were pointers on flattering colors, prints, accessories and embellishments.  And since my sistahs love them, here’s a few more:

Too Much Patterns
Now try to imagine yourself in a herringbone pattern skirt matched with alternating squares of colorful top?  While we see that on others, please oh please, that is very very difficult to pull off.  So try matching your favorite pattern with one or two solid color.  Don’t try to satisfy every trend in one go coz that might just be silly.

Too Much Colors
Too many colors are eye catching but also draw major trouble.  So here’s a hint that always works for me.  Try to use the color wheel.  Complementary colors and analogous colors are the best color combo or trio that works all the time.  Complementary are those colors that are opposite each other in the color wheel: typical ones are orange and blue, purple and yellow.  So to look intense and bold, try some complementary colors.  Analogous colors are those that are right beside each other in the color wheel like yellow-green, green, and blue green.  These colors can give you a look of total freshness, coordination, and excitement.

Too Much Fabrics
In the language of fabrics, there are those that never meet half way.  So if you can simply keep your summer and winter wardrobes away from each other, then you’re all set.
Now while I’m admittedly a minimalist, in the true sense of fashion, there is always a matter of style and design that calls for simplicity and excesses - because the future of fashion should be something without limitations and restrictions on whatever potentialities. So for the champions of minimalism out there, we are in the same boat, and for the avid maximalists, convince me why I should try and experiment that kind of style.  Your style could be more interesting, so take a stand, post something coz I really want to hear your thoughts.

By the way, we have online resources that can show you what’s big on fashion now.  Check out also facebook and twitter to get a grip on what’s new with African-American Fashion.


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