Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion Myths Unveiled

Believe it or not but some fashion myths have been with us through the ages and try as we must, “avoid” or “adhere” to them at all cost.  Logically, they can be true but wait until you try it and you realize, “it’s just a myth after all”.

-A black dress is for everyone.  Yes, it’s a color of sophistication and confidence. But well, if you’re black and you don on all black, that’s utterly boring and muted.  So liven up, try some solid bold colors.  Or if you really must wear black, accessorize!

-Women of weight should avoid horizontal stripes.  We’ve heard it a million times.  Okay, so you gained weight and you thought it’s downright unflattering.  How about you give it a try now and tell me if I’m bluffing?  You’d be surprised at how good it can be on you.

-Always match shoes with bag or belt.  That should be an age old story accepted by our mothers.  But hey, that’s gone wayside now.  There are so many shoes out there, do you just want to pass it up coz u don’t have the perfect bag or belt to match with it? How about matching your dress with your shoe or your bag?

-Long skirts and long skirts make you look bigger.  But truth be told, it can actually make you look slimmer and taller.

-Long dresses aren’t for small, petite women.  Well, check out some famous petite stars who have mastered this style.  Long dresses that reach down to the ankles are simply sophisticated and you certainly wouldn’t want to pass up on it because of your height.   Try to stick on light and silky fabrics and pair it with those lovely wedges and you’d be just stunning!

-Sequins and sparkles are only for the night.  The shimmering fabrics are just as eye catching and glamorous for the day as it is for the night.  But be sure to layer it with plain basics.  Take it down a notch under a jacket or cardigan or choose those tops with sparkles at the neckline.

Many of these myths (or should I say rules) have been going around for decades now.  It’s all up to you to challenge it and let’s say experiment.  And to start off, try out some cool stuff from my sistahs in the fashion business.


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