Sunday, April 17, 2011

A few of my favorite matches

Part 2: Endless Possibilities on Fashion Mix and Match

Since I have already mentioned the endless possibilities on mix and match, allow me to delve more on that topic.  The slightly warm weather has taken its toll on me and I am just in the mood for loading on the basic pieces. And by basic, I mean tees, camis, tanks and jeans.   For my perpetual need of always going around errands, the basics have proven to be the perfect complement on my lifestyle.

Layering has created innumerable touches to even the plainest wardrobes.  The basics like camis with lace patterns have had outstanding finish under a dress or a fabulous cardigan.  They come in a variety of colors making your dress look different each and every time you wear them.  Just add on a stylish belt, and then you’ve got the layers that change the ordinary to extraordinary.

Another wardrobe that I can also consider as basic is a pair of solid colored skinny jeans.  It goes very well with a nice piece of glamorous Dashiki and it can also match with anything casual like a pair of classic tees.  Layer it up with layers of accessories and your glam up for the day. 

And if I really have to mix and match a black and white pair, a dash of colorful scarf and statement jewelry will do the trick.  I use the scarf as a belt and I find the perfect necklace to match with it.  And don’t forget the shoe, let go of black and white!

On the busy-beauty side of me, which sometimes has no time for make-up, the perfect sunglasses and scarf has saved me in those days.  Hey don’t get me wrong, I still love to put on make-up it’s not just as frequent as I want it to be.  Just be sure to nourish your face with vitamins to keep it that glow even without make-up.  With a solid tank and a nice pair of blazer, I can go anywhere I want! 

That’s the madness of everything basic – it’s a fashionista’s canvas, it allows us to explore the many possibilities of layering and accessorizing.


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