Thursday, April 7, 2011

The African Wedding

I’m always excited about weddings and I tend to go all agog to dress up for it.  I mean it’s an excuse to be overly glamorous and all, but of course, not to compete with the bride.  And for this specific topic, I want to feature the African wedding.   What should you expect in African weddings? African weddings can be as rich and diversified as its continent, so here are a few things you need to know about African Weddings.

African Wedding Traditions

The most important element in African weddings is the bringing together of two families above all else.  African wedding traditions are embraced in America today to celebrate their roots and find more meaning in the occasion.  The ceremonies and receptions are often customized to capture the beautiful and colorful collection that is truly of African heritage.  Africa is bountiful of chants, dance, music and colors; they are big on parties and celebrations.  In recent years, an African wedding is a fusion of age old traditions and a touch of contemporary nuptial rites. 

One tradition during the wedding ceremony is called the “jumping the broom” which is still widely popular to this day.   The broom straw symbolically represents family, the handle signifies the Creator and the ribbon represents the knot that binds the couple together.  The jumping of the broom ritual is symbolic of uniting the couple in marriage and would also mean fertility and prosperity.

The Wedding Attire

Traditional wedding attire of the bride would consist of an elaborate wrap skirt (iro), loose blouse (buba), shawl (iborum) and a headpiece (gele).  The groom’s attire would be a pair of slacks (sokoto), traditional shirt (bubba), a flowing jacket (agbada) and rounded hat (fila).  The most of often used fabric for the wedding attire is the African woven cloth kente.

Some couples might prefer a more western flare, thus the white bridal gown and tuxedo are worn with a twist of African royalty color in purple with gold accents.  These accents are often demonstrated throughout the bridal party as well as the adornments in the ceremony and reception.

Discover the beautiful traditions that are unique to African weddings.  There’s more to know and its far off traditions ranging from Morocco to Nile are what make it mysterious and captivating.

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